Bear parties down on Rainier beer; eschews Busch!

I’m not sure I believe the part about the bear being able to tell which cans had which kind of beer, but what the hell, it’s still funny.

Aw geez! How belligerent would a drunk bear be! Glad I wasn’t anywhere nearby when that was going on!.

Maybe it was the color (rainier comes in green cans). Good thing they didn’t have any Mountain Dew.

Now that would be one unpleasant bear to be around…

Oh, NO, not another Busch-bashing thread!!?

I thought bears drank Molson.

Sorry, Canada.

I meant Labatts.

If the ad agencies for Rainer don’t jump on this right away they should be fired.

However thee Advertising Agency/Marketing Department for Rainier must be in some sort of predicament… on the one hand, even bears prefer it to Busch… on the other hand, does this means it’s gonna attract bears to your picnic? :wink:

Absolutely. CNN is my hompage and had a really great “headshot” of this bear looking…shall we say…very mellow? Now I see they have changed their pic to a full shot of the bear which is not nearly as cute. They also took some shots of the crushed beer cans. Talk about free advertising!

Too funny…gave me a nice laugh after a rugged day when that pic and story popped up last night!

Well I thought they drank Hamms


That looks more like Pepe le Pew. :smiley:

I liked Yahoos ‘oddly enough’ headline.
Bear Passes Out After Only 36 Beers

That’ll teach Tripler to use such vague thread titles!

A trifecta of dopers who’ve had the good sense to avoid having a drink down at their local Eagle.

I’d be less worried about how belligerent a drunken bear could be, than what a badass he’s going to be in the morning, with a massive hangover.

So Rainier’s target market is drunk, unshaven, and passed out on the lawn?

An article I read said the bear is 2 years old.

That’s what? About 16 in human years?

I swear, these bears today …

Sounds like Homer Simpson playing Winnie the Pooh.
Mmmmm… honey.

Many’s the night Rainier and I have ended up in just that way.


Actually, it fell asleep on the ground for several hours, woke up, climbed a tree, and went back to sleep. Fish and Game set a trap baited with, you guessed it, Rainnnnneeeeer Beeeeerrrrr (and honey and marshmallows) They dropped it off in a no beer zone ( deeper woods)