Yoicks! Somebody stole "The Scream"!


(The specific painting in question is apparently one of the two most prominent versions of the work. This one was stolen from the Munch Museum, and the other is at the National Gallery in Oslo.)

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Scooped by over four hours.

No, that should be {:eek:}

You know, this is the second major art theft from a museum in this little country in just over a decade. (Both involved Munch pieces, which at least shows that the thieves have some taste.) You think maybe it’s time to think about getting some proper security in these museums?!!?

“Madonna” is missing, too. Two paintings I absolutely love. The police are saying they are both too well-known to be sold, so it’s likely the museum will receive a ransom note. Of course, it could also be a theft-for-hire for a rich private “collector” with no scruples.

flodnak, apparently Munch painted several versions of The Scream, in 1994 the National Gallery one was stolen as the Lillehammer Winter Olympics began. Obviously Munch’s paintings are more desirable durin Olympic competition.

In the report I read, it sounded like the museum was open at the time of the theft. Apparently, the theives walked in, ripped the paintings from the wall (they were anchored with screws and wires) and ran out. Granted they were armed, but aren’t the security guards armed? And it had to take some time to get the paintings off the wall without damaging them, why didn’t the guards do anything then? You’d think they’d be a little more protective of a national treasure. :smack:

I think I’m going to try out for the US Munch Stealing team.

Does this ever happen outside of TV and the movies?

OK so now that they got it, what are they going to DO with it? Yard sale?

Apparently, but it seems that “stolen to order” is often linked to drugs and other high cash-value criminal activity rather than a reclusive, wealthy private collector. Though I suspect that happens as well from time to time.

Here’s a helpful tip - if you want to do a websearch for the Madonna painting, DON’T enter “Munch Madonna.”
Especially if you’re at work.


You’ll never catch me!

flees screaming

Dang it! Everytime I cruise past this thread title, I misread it as:

“Yorick! Somebody stole ‘The Scream’”

And strangely, I always think that Yorick is not actually out of context.

Remember what happened last time they had the Munch Olympics, in 1972?

Nope, the guards weren’t armed. According to an interview on Sunday morning on NPR, a female official at the museum confirmed this. And it makes sense - no matter how valuable a painting is, it’s still not worth someone getting shot over, whether it be thief, patron, or security.

I’m quite serious when I say I’d take a bullet for the Scream. It’s a lot better cause than, say, Iraq or Vietnam.

I’m sure there are plenty of museums where the security isn’t so squeamish, and that’s the way it should be.

Well, the security guards may be willing to take a bullet, but the men, women, and children – from toddlers to granparents – who make up the museum patrons and who might get caught in the cross fire of a shoot out… Well, they might not be so willing to die for Munch.

I second that. I’m certainly a gift to mankind, and my life is an example to hold up and admire - but taking a bullet for me is simply too much. Better that I live on in peoples’ memory than have to live with someone’s life on my conscience.

I spend quite a bit of time in museums and have never encountered an armed guard. Usually guards, at least those in public spaces, are there to prevent brainless twits from accidentally damaging the works. In my local museum the guards are mostly marginally trained senior citizens trying to supplement their social security. Arming them would probably not be a good idea.