Yoo-Hoo, Baglady!

Just wanted to tell you how much we loved and appreciated the Putz! buttons. It is so kind of you to take the trouble to make them for all of our meetings, and we are so thankful to you!

Next year, you’ll have to deliver the buttons in person to Dopetoberfest!

Baglady, you rock!! thank you for the buttons.

They certainly did. Thx BL .

Truly neat buttons. Thanks!

S. Norman

Great work, Badlady. They looked VERY professional. I wore it with pride all weekend!

God, my head is still in Dublin. I didn’t even turn on the computer last night, I just crashed and slept until 8:30 this morning, which made me an hour late for work. But as my boss is half English, half Irish (he owns both passports - he once made the mistake of flying into Belfast on his Irish passport, with his English accent. Another story, though.), he quite understood the hardships I had been through over the last few days. After I dropped a few pub names and mentioned how much I liked the Guinness there, he told me to STFU and stop making him homesick :slight_smile:

(BTW, Yojimbo, he is with me on the Murphys thing. I knew I couldn’t be the only one ;))

Because of the strike the luggage staff of Aer Lingus had, my bag could not be transferred at Heathrow, which meant picking it up myself and then DASHING to the bus and terminal 4 (you land at terminal 1 - Connecting flight my arse) to get to the Amsterdam flight in time. Aer Lingus (which I flew from Manchester to Dublin and Dublin to LHR) didn’t have catering on board on either flight! On the way back, there wasn’t even a drink, let alone a final true Irish pint. Is this normal?? I finally got a good meal aboard the BA flight to A’dam, where they upgraded me to the Euro class (or something) because I was at the gate so late and all the peasant seats had gone :wink:

Call me crazy, it’s 10:25, and I have this inexplicable craving for a good pint all of a sudden… but I’m afraid the coffee will have to do.

“What will you have… ?”

Heheh, Coldy I’m feeling the same way myself. I can’t believe I’ve actually gotten into the habit of having beer in the morning instead of my usual breakfast. Damn those Irishmen, passing their habits onto us.

And at least it didn’t take you 11 1/2 freaking hours to get home!

Oooh, I miss Dublin and all of y’all soooooo much. Can’t wait til we do it again. :smiley:

Yep Baglady, nice badges (that’s the European for button). Very professional.

Thinks… since they’re a limited edition, how much would they sell for?



btw, pergau is another recent addition to the dublin dopers, he of the nose like a roman statue :wink:

Just bumping it up so Baglady can see it. Thanks again, and you and my dear curmudegeonly Obby give each other big smoochies from me. :smiley:

I got up in the middle of the night to kick this piece of shite back up. Really!

Baglady, just so you see this: up you go!

Heheh, he said “lingus” heheh huhuh heheheh.
Sorry, it just stuck me as funny.
Lani, the buttons you made for our NoCal fest were fantastic. Thanks for the effort.

Sheesh, the nerve of some people having lives and shit and not staying on the board 24 hours a day. :smiley:

Just another shameless bump. Geez, am I actually going to have to e-mail somebody? All the DubDopers know how much I just hate e-mailing! :wink:

Man, you would say she’s avoiding us or something… has she posted at all lately? I’ve seen obfuscationist or whatever her SO is called :wink:

Ooo ooo ooo!!! A thread with my name on it!!!

Thank you for your kind words! Glad you liked them. Now go forth and encourage everyone else to order dopefest buttons for their gatherings! :smiley:

Hey Coldfire – I haven’t been IGNORING you (well, maybe YOU specifically…! :wink: )… I’ve just been swamped both at work and after work. I do post periodically, and Obfusciatrist occasionally shares his big ol’ belly laughs when he reads a hilarious post.

[Tot – thanks for the heads up!]

Now I will go forth and encourage others to order buttons. See y’all when I’m done.

Yah Tatertot…

You guys should start a new threat titled something like “dopefest names to put on your button” or “best dopefest names” or something, then surreptitiously encourage people to order them!! My button-making gadget is feeling idle at home!! :smiley:

We’ll need a boatload for DOPETOBERFEST! And you and my dear sweet curmudgeonly Obby are of course, invited along! I’m going to show everyone how to German beer hall dance!

Thanks again - I’ve put my button in my little keepsake box, to have for always or until the movers lose it. :smiley: