You are all a happy bunch! So Gay!

It seems to me that you are all very happy. I really like that, it makes me happy.

Yes indeed, you are all extraordinarily gay.

In case the offederati should have a problem with that, I mean this in the best of ways: “carefree”, “happy”.

It really makes this place a better place. So Gay!

I’m not gay, I’m depression challenged.

I’m trying to understand the point of the OP. Obviously JimNightshade is trying to make some sort of point beyond us all being such happy folk, but I can’t quite figure it out.

Is it a complaint about the dual use of the word “gay”? Is it an underhanded way of saying that we’re all homosexuals (mistakenly believing that this is an insult)?

The OP is envisioning us in the sun-strewn woods, gathering faggots and pansies for the pleasure of the Queens.

At least that’s what I think he’s doing. But I’m a noted optimist.

I think his claim that he’s using the word “in the best of ways” is a huge clue to his opinion on gays.

Another silly complaint about “political correctness,” maybe?

Iunno, I have far too much cock in my mouth to figure it out.

Why are “carefree,” “happy” better ways of meaning “gay” than “homosexual?”

Apparently OP is writing in satiric reference to this nearby ATMB thread, questioning whether it’s an insult to call anyone gay or gay. (Which, by the way, is Magenta, not pink.)

(ETA: Pink looks like this.)