You are allowed to have food in two out of three ways. Pick your two: Fast, Fresh, Free.

So a food god comes down and grants you that all food for you will, FOREVER, be two out of three ways. The third one, it will NEVER be again.
Which two do you choose? Your choices are:

Any food you want or ask for will immediately appear in front of you, already made or cooked…
A. …as soon as you ask for it if you have also chosen “Free”
B. …as soon as you have asked and then paid for it if you have not chosen “Free”

If you do not choose Fast… any food you ever want to eat you will have to wait five hours before eating. Hungry now? Too bad. You have to wait five hours and only then will the food appear in front of you.

Any food you ask for or buy or touch to eat will always taste freshly made, the best it ever can. It will be at the peak of tastiness at all times.
If you do not choose Fresh… Well, food won’t taste BAD, it just won’t taste as good as it would have been if you ate it, say, a day ago. Let’s say this…it will taste as if it was left out on a table, at room temperature, for FIVE HOURS first. For some things, this won’t cause a big difference. For others, like ice cream, it means you’ll never be able to enjoy it in solid form again.

You never have to pay for ANY food that you want to eat again! Going to the store? To a fast food place? A restaurant? Your bill will always be 0 dollars.
If you do not choose Free… You will have to pay for every food you ever eat, even if you grow or find or kill your own stuff. The prices will depend based on the food, but it will be around the same price you’d pay for it if you were getting it from a store.

Fast and Fresh. As others have remarked in this forum, food is such a small part of the average American’s expenses that it is basically free already.

Fresh and free. I can go without eating for five hours no problem if I should forget to plan. And I might not get exactly what I want there and then for each meal, but most meals I eat were planned well ahead anyway.


Since I don’t eat breakfast and don’t start eating for the day until at least 5 hours after I wake, I guess I’ll forego fast.

Fresh and free. I’ll cook. Sure won’t be fastif I did that. Free, fresh food to cook for aways? Nice!

The best tasting food, forever, at no charge? I’ll gladly plan ahead for that benefit.

Fresh and free. Thinking 5 hours ahead is no hassle compared to always eating my meal at room temperature and actually paying for it.

I can plan ahead five hours. Fresh and Free, please.

Wot they all said: fresh and free. I never find myself in a situation when I can’t plan ahead five hours, and even if I don’t, I’m hardly going to die of starvation in those five hours.

Too many awesome restaurants here in Dallas to pass up free.

Fresh and free for me.

Just to be different I will take free and fresh. It is not like meal time is unpredictable.

Also on the free and fresh bandwagon. Planning resolves the issue of speed.

Fresh and free.
I love slow, leisurely cooking. I enjoy lingering in a restaurant over coffee or amaretto.

Fresh and free, like most in this thread so far I think.

I can plan ahead and even going 5h without eating isn’t a big deal. I’ve frequently gone without eating for much longer than that and it’s not that difficult.

I think most are misunderstanding how I meant the “fast” option or that I didn’t properly explain how I meant it:
If you don’t have that one, what it means is that…the five hour countdown doesn’t start until you are hungry and actually want to eat right then. There is no planning in advance. The timer doesn’t start until you’re like “Okay, I’m ready to eat now…very hungry. When is the food going to be ready?” Five hours starts then. If you can wait another five hours from that point when you are ready for the food, though, well…then more power to ya. :stuck_out_tongue:
Think you can just go “Okay, I’ll be ready to eat in five hours, I think I’ll be hungry about then, so I’ll say I want it now”? Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Not how I intended it, anyway. You have to be very hungry already and only then will you have to wait the five hours. If you say “I request this food” and then wait five hours and expect it to show up, it won’t. And when you go “Huh? Where’s my food”, the answer will be “Oh, you want food now? You gotta wait five hours” and when you go “But I already waited five hours!” the answer will be “You weren’t hungry then… right now, when it’s the time where you ACTUALLY want the food…THAT is when the five hour time starts.” And that’s with every food you will ever eat, ever…for the rest of your life. No snacking while you’re waiting, you have to wait five hours before that snack, just like all other food.

Not changing the goalposts, that’s how I meant it to be from the start, I guess I didn’t make it clear. If most of the answers are still saying “I’ll do without that one”, though, well, okay.

Anyway, MY answer would be Free and Fast. I don’t care that much about Fresh.

With that clarification I might change. If I don’t choose “fresh”, can I still reheat it in the microwave? 5 hour old reheatable food that comes when I’m hungry is better than waiting through 5 hours of actual hunger, (no more ice-cream ever again would suck though). If I can never again have a hot meal otherwise though, fresh wins out. Either way I’m keeping Free.

Same difference for me. I’ve gone 20h+ without eating several times and I can deal with that. Yes, you’re really hungry but it’s not as hard as you’d think.

I keep Fresh and Free.

Fresh and Free. Having had to struggle to put food on the table, and being forced to live on donated food, fresh and free would be heaven to me.

That’s way too vague a definition. So unless you’re going to define it as “so hungry you couldn’t possibly wait five hours” I’m sticking with fresh and free. Hunger is healthy.