you are alone

This is something I have a problem with and it concerns this nonduality bit. It’s a bit off of the “everything is one”, and the aspect of there not being an independent self. How everything that appears seperate is just an expression of the universe. SO if everything is one then that means that there are no friends and no one else.

It’s an extension of the “no self” proclaimed truth from buddhism. That what you see before you is merely just an extension of the universe and not something independent with it’s own essence. Therefor, seperateness is just an illusion since everything is connected by being part of the whole.

If you lived where I live you’d know what being alone is, I promise. That algae on the pond ain’t much company.

Are you arguing that you are always alone or that you are never alone?

I am alert. The world needs more lerts.

Grow a pair and get used to it is my advice.

Read more Henry Rollins.

Not meaning to slag on the OP, but it’s always interesting to see Westerners’ take on Buddhism. I lived in a Buddhist society, Thailand, for most of my adult life. (I’m in my 60s now.) My Thai wife is a Buddhist. It’s a toss-up which is more bizarre – Western Buddhists who have never personally experienced a Buddhist society; or Eastern Christians from Buddhist societies who have never personally experienced a Christian society. The Thai Christians I knew back in Thailand were straight out of left field.

(Disclaimer: I am neither a Buddhist nor a Christian.)

Am I likely to be eaten by a grue?

The word after what should’ve been “Therefore” should’ve been “separateness”.

How did I catch that, if you didn’t? Are we somehow viewing stuff differently, with me spotting things and choosing to bring them to your attention — even while I’m aware of yet other things, which I’m choosing not to bring to your attention?

Are you and I, like, separate? In some for-real, no-foolin’ sense?

Your problem is that word “just”.

Everything is separate AND everything is connected. Everything is real AND everything is an illusion.

See how much more comforting that is?

Don’t thank me, I’m just an illusion.

As long as the universe keeps extending me Bud Lite, I’m cool with it.

Here, it’s today’s internet. You deserve it.

There is a self. It’s one of the few things we can actually be confident of. I’m a Pyrrhonist skeptic by inclination and even I can’t deny the self. Anyone that does is so far in left field that there is no conversation to be had. By nature of the fact that “I” am conceiving this thought, it proves the “I.” Everything else might be fake, but the I has to be there. “I” might be a brain in a vat or a pink luck dragon dreaming along the beaches of Titan, but ‘I’ must exist or else there would be nothing that is perceiving.

Yes I am. And that’s where I want to be.

This is fascinating to me.

Can you give an example of how the Thai Christians were “straight out of left field”?

I agree with this. Without acknowledging the reality of “self”, everything becomes unintelligible. Science becomes meaningless and irrational.


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