you are awareness?

Because it seems to me that we are the body or rather a body that produces such a state and it affected my a myraid of other things around it. All the arguments for that case sound more like poetry than anything else.

This is what my conversation amounted to with him:

“All there is, is awareness. There is nothing else. Everything that I see, sense, feel, perceive and think, happens in awareness, as awareness.

That tree over there, blowing in the wind? It too is nothing but “an image” arising within awareness. Even if I reach out and touch it, that “touching-ness” is nothing but a phenomenal appearance arising within the otherwise empty awareness that I truly am.

“You” appear to “me” within awareness as nothing but a “movement” within awareness. Once that appearance disappears out of this present-moment-knowingness that I am, “you” remain as nothing but a concept within memory, which is no longer “real”. Memory is imagination. Imagination is mind. And mind is not reality.

This awareness that I am, that permeates every single moment of my beingness, is all there is. Awareness is all I have ever known and is all that I am. All else is a story appearing within awareness.

The body is an experience, as is the mind. I experience the body. The body does not experience me. I experience the mind. The mind does not experience me. So, who am I? I am only this aware-knowingness that gives sentience and recognition and knowingness to all that is felt, sensed, thought and perceived.

All “things” pass through me, not to me.

I’ll leave it at that. I have no desire to convince you of seeing beyond your firmly-rooted viewpoint.

All words are false, including my own.

Just be.


““Awareness… is made by the brain and it is altered based on what happens to the body.”

That, my friend, is nothing but a concept, just like everything you have expressed to me. That, however, doesn’t mean that it’s not “real” to you, it’s just not true. What you speak of is not a direct experience, it is assumed. In fact, there is no experience ever of “the body creating awareness”.

Shift your immediate attention from the mind’s thoughts to “presence” itself and you will at once realize the silence that is the core essence of your true nature.

Whatever you have read, learned or have been taught is nothing but a story. And, after all, how can any story help with being content within myself, as nothing other than myself? The only peace there is, is the peace of simply BEING. Not being “this”, or not being “that”, just pure simple beingness.

Let go of your attachment to acquired “knowledge”. This isn’t to say it’s not useful in day to day life, but it has no relevance to who you truly are.

Release your hold upon whatever stories you have created for yourself, about yourself. No experience is “true”, all are biased by the tainted duality and subjectivity of the “perceiver”. And, “the perceiver” of course is nothing but another concept, a story the mind has created about it being a “personal” self.

There is nothing personal happening anywhere whatsoever. All is as it is, a stream of phenomenal “appearances” arising in awareness, as awareness.

Let it all go. Rest effortlessly in the silence of your untainted Self, empty of the mind.

Your present view seems to be very nihilistic. I can assure you that if you release your hold upon the concepts that you have become preoccupied with, you will find relief in inner silence. Ultimately, any view is the wrong view. No belief is true. Let it all go.


I’m not your friend, guy!

I think I need a nap.

Still better than postmodernism.

You are awareness?

Not as far as I’m aware.

My brain hurts.

It was essentially just repeating the same things over and over. He doesn’t seem to get that this awareness is produced by the brain, that we can measure it (more or less) and that it changes and that things happen outside of it. We are bodies that are aware due to the brain, but how that happens I don’t know. But the evidence for it is astounding only to be flippantly dismisses a down concept.

What I do know is that believing something does affect your experience of reality. While I don’t doubt the peace he has, it seems to come from believing they know.

Now, my brain stem is throbbing.

My readingness of the postness did not bring about understandingness. Try more clearness.

It’s just “I think, therefore I am” but wordier.

But you only experience your brain with your mind. Your mind, my friend, is not reality. But you only experience reality with your mind. This reality is awareness…which is created by your brain. Go forth and be awareness. Be nothing and everything while informing your consciousness of the vast unknown excluded middle that is reality. Namaste.

Nah, immastay in bed.

The OP still hasn’t read Dennett, I perceive.

The postness, as far as I can tellness, was justness a longness blockness of quoted textness from one (or two) web sitesness and will earnness a smack from a moderatorness as soon as one is awakeness.

Lucky OP.

My brain is in a vat of sustaining chemicals and all of you are merely random firings of neurons. Get the cell outta my vat!

Speaking of repeating the same thing, over and over…

Yeah? Well, I’m not your guy, buddy!

I am Spartacus.
I am Legion.
I am legend.
I am the walrus.
I yam what I yam.

We are Beatrice.

What was there before you became aware? I (most likely) was born before you. Did I not exist before you became aware? If nothing exists outside of your awareness, how did you come to exist in the first place?