You Are Invited To The SDMB Potluck!

Welcome to the SDMB Potluck! Unfortunately, with distance and Covid, this will be a virtual affair. You can bring whatever dish, ideally different from everyone else’s. A thread from 8 years ago suggests some “go to” dishes - maybe we will see some Mexican lasagna again. Another thread discusses terrible things seen at potlucks by people who did not want to spend time - cold McDonald’s cheeseburgers, bag o’ buns; or did not want to spend money - bag o’ ice cubes, package of forks.

So, what are you bringing to the SDMB Potluck?

I will bring soft rolls, packs of single sliced yellow cheese, eggs, and ( Taylor Ham/Porkroll ).

I’d ask to be able to fry a plate of fried eggs… a plate of fried ( Taylor Ham/Porkroll ) in the kitchen of the house. I’d place two eggs and four ham pieces and two slices of yellow cheese in the middle of each soft roll.

After all, it’s just an appetizer…

I will bring three dozen brats slow smoked over hickory along with the buns and a quart of roasted red peppers in sauce

I’m hoping the SMDB appreciates my first attempt at smoking a brisket - nice rub with a bit of heat, low and slow in the pellet smoker.

I’d share it with my family, but they are a bit (i.e extremely) fussy about fat and connective tissue, no matter how cooked down it is. So rather than have them complain about the soft, gooey line of fat in the flat, we can all share. I’m getting to the stage of needing the freezer space, anyhow.

Bottle of Patron Silver
Homemade hummus
Hommade pita
18 oz. prime strip steak, rare +
Grilled skewered cremini mushrooms
Wild greens salad with champagne vinaigrette
Elote salad
Pecan pie

I’ll bring an Old Fashioned Southern Banana Pudding with a Meringue.

My “small part of Southern California, a couple of blocks, really” renowned deviled eggs (the secret is BBQ potato chips) and maybe my equally well-known and loved Deep Dish Southern Comfort peach pie.

What I always bring, the entertainment. And now shall we limbo?

Since this potluck, sadly, will only be virtual, and not a real meetup, i am moving the thread to Cafe society.

Hmm, do you want more entrees, or a dessert? I could bring:

Madhur Jaffrey’s chickpeas, cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a bit of tomato paste and some other spices. Last time my husband made it he added a hint of cocoa powder, too, which nicely perked it up.

Or, i like baking pies. I do a nice fruit pie with lots of fruit and almost no “goo”. Wild blueberry or mixed berry are both easy and reliable, being made with bags of frozen fruit.

Let me know.

Oh, I can make some homemade macaroni & cheese (just like mama used to make!)

Thinking about what I have on hand at the moment … finger sandwiches and chocolate cake. Ooh, or meatballs.

I’ll bring these. You’re gonna love 'em: A kickass ginger snaps recipe

I will proudly bring my latest creation Swedish Fish Salad

Scotch eggs and a case of Dead Guy Ale, of course.

Still needs vanilla.

Quiet, you!

Salami/swiss cheese/chicken in a biscuit crackers

I guess I’d probably bring a pot of chili. It’s something I’ve brought to put lucks in the past and got a positive reception, so I suppose it’s my go-to, now.

I know, you’re all picturing Kevin from The Office now, aren’t you?

We got this far and nobody’s offered to bring cole slaw and potato salad?

No problem; I’ll bring those.