You are not the moderator so shut YOUR pie hole!

In this thread,

neuroman has decided to but into a heated discussion between myself and another poster with this comment:

Now last time I checked, neuroman is not a moderator. He may not like my posts. He may even not like me. He may even technically be right. But what fantasy world is this person living in where he thinks it’s his place to call anyone on their message board etiquite?!

And of course, the hypocrisy of then telling me to “shut my pie hole” in the same post has not escaped me either.

so to all you wannabe moderators out there:



All that aside, you should consider that the heated conversation you were having, was no more nor less welcome than the “butinnsky” by neuroman - thereby proving that two wrongs definitely don’t make a right?

It’s my considered opinion that “quasi moderator” behaviour is invariably a response to less than stellar behaviour in the first place.

Just my two cents worth. Nothing personal my friend.

So, let me get this straight:

  1. You act like an asshole in an IMHO thread.
  2. You feel that neuroman was rude to tell you that it’s against the rules to call people names in IMHO.
  3. You are so offended by this that you start a Pit thread to whine about it in all caps.

Well, in my capacity as Not A Moderator, let me tell your OP sucks and that you are a moron. Not smart at all. Dumb enough to make even the dimmest 14-year old Usenet poster stop and take notice. The sort of stupid that sucks all the air out of a room. Lacking in mental capacity. Doltish. Consistently outwitted by your clothes. Not bright.

Okay, how about this? Everyone leaves the advice to the real Mods, they become overworked and the entire SDMB becomes one big Pit.

That sounds like fun! Can we fill it with Jell-O?

From what I read, neuroman didn’t tell you what to do, he made a sugestion as to what you’d be advised to do. if you didn’t want to take his suggestion under advisement, that’s your decision. Did you expect the moderators to come running in here, patting your head and saying “there, there”? You were out of line in that thread, and you were called on it. Get over it.

msmith537, you were being hostile and making a ridiculous ad hominem attack against another poster. I found it annoying and offensive, and brought it to attention. I could have been a bit more polite about it, but my advice stands: don’t be a jerk.

True, I am not a moderator.
But as the OWNER of the message board, I am entitled to do anything I damn well want to!

What!? What is it?
whisper whisper whisper
Are you sure?
whisper whisper

Ok, nevermind.

Sure! Would that be gelatin or pudding?

Been there, done that. I mean, come on. I’m a newbie, but even I’ve seen about five threads in the last week complaining about attempts at moderating. Get over it. Then again, I’m completely drunk at the moment, so maybe you have a valid point. Carry on amongst yourselves.

Gelatin. Lime, I believe.

Personally I think the expression “shut your pie hole” has become grossly overused on these boards. Please find a new expression. Thank you.

Lisa, the self-appointed verbiage police

I would shut my pie hole if I had pie.

remembers the cheesecake that her father made is still downstairs in the fridge

Dude, I’m there.

Frankly, I’m sick of people complaining about mod’s behavior, and I hereby order them all to shut the fuck up.

That’s right, I’m the Mod Police Police.

We done here? If so I’m closing this thread.

I am not excusing the jerkiness but if you choose to call someone on messageboard etiquate you should at least practice the same standard of etiquate. And telling someone to “shut their pie hole” is not any better than me calling someone a jerk.

Anyhow, that’s all I have to say on the matter. I’ll leave the rest of the peanut gallery here to practice typing insults or profanities or whatever goes on here in the Pit.

*Guin’s dad makes cheesecake !! Go Dad !!! *

This cheesecake puts him in the running for “Best Dad EVAR”

Yeah, but what do blind people dream about? That’s what I want to know.

Does your dad make pie? If so, bring some when come back.

Miller You can’t order people to stop complaining about mods behavior in here. Unless, like me, you are the Mod’s Police Police Police. So shut your euphemism.

Why not call the Church Police?