You big baby.

Brazilian woman gives birth to giant baby. . .

I bet that felt good. I feel great after taking a 1 pound dump.

Holy shit! What would have happened to this woman in the days before c-sections?

Dammit, Trunk, just how often to you check Drudge, anyway? :wink:

Fiver, she probably would have died.

Yikes! :eek:

Here’s a bigger picture of the baby.

Not often enough. Another poster beat me to it by about 1/2 hour. I really did check here first but his thread title was just “that had to hurt”.

Holy crap. My two were 8-14 and 9-12.4, and I was really uncomfortable during the end of both pregnancies. I can not imagine what this woman must have felt like.

Her other babies aren’t that tiny either. I wonder how tall she and her husband are.

If memory serves, the Guiness Book of World Records cites a 24-lb baby as the largest ever. Their search engine was not entirely helpful with a cite, though.

I don’t think any jury would convict this woman if she went “Lorenna Bobbit” on her husband.

Wow. I’m impressed.

I had an 11#4oz baby (naturally–far, far TOO naturally, imo) and I truly, seriously, for the first time ever in my life, thought I would die from pain. It was horrid. I was phobic about getting pregnant ever again.

[hijack]Very large infants are usually born to mothers with diabetes. They have to followed very closly for the first few days of life, as they’re blood sugar can drop suddenly and they can die.[/hijack]

Aahh! This giant baby will devour us all! {dives into harbour}

:eek: :eek: :eek:

To illustrate the weird yet pragmatic thing that is my brain:

The very first thought I had was: “huh. Bet they had to send some poor intern running down to peds - there’s no way the neo-natal intensive care unit had diapers that big on their shelves!”

I am such a dork.

My son was poked for glucose tests regularly. Even though I’m not diabetic. I wasn’t pleased, but whaddayagonnado?

I’d be careful before trying to circumcise that kid.

“Oh I KNOW you didn’t just try to cut a piece of my dick off, FOOL!”