You can always tell a bureaucrat. . .

. . .but you can’t tell him much. I can’t work up the outrage for a Pit thread on this, but it’s certainly worthy of an eye roll. :rolleyes:

The short version for those who don’t wish to click: A 7-year old girl wanted to set up a lemonade stand at a monthly art fair in NE Portland. Health inspectors, who for some unknown reason seem to have run out of restaurants to inspect, descended on the affair and shut her down because she didn’t have a $120 temp permit. I know that people today are excessively germophobic and paranoid, but the girl was observing sanitary measures under the eye of her mother and basically engaging in a time-honored way for a child to make spending money. Other business enterprise operators came to her defense and the whole thing got very confrontational, with the little girl ending up leaving in tears.

I would expect that it will be a very long time before this child exhibits any initiative that will bring her into the public eye to risk humiliation at the hands of an over-zealous public servant. Again, I say: :rolleyes: