You don't know Jack - redux

per my earlier thread from late last year (above) - I thought the thousands of you dopers (well, maybe hundreds, okay, dozens, ummm, okay, possibly just a few of you) may want to have closure on this name issue.

Our son was born last week and he’ll be going by “Jack” although his given name ended up being John Paul. Mother and son are doing well. Jack is keeping me away from the computer and the SDMB with his endless demands for clean diapers and wanting to be rocked back to sleep, but damn!, he’s so cute how can I complain?

Congratulations! My son, Jack (né Jon), just celebrate his first birthday. Well, really , we celebrated. He just ate cake. Very best wishes!


Belated happy birthday to both of your sons! And welcome to the world of parenthood if you weren’t already a member!