You don't need to drop the dumbbells.

I just want to let you know: when you’re done with your set, there is no need to drop the dumbbells onto the ground from chest-level. Dropping the dumbbells on the ground doesn’t make you stronger. It doesn’t make the other people in the gym like you.

Also: I realize that grunting and exhaling can help you lift. But you don’t need to act like you’re being fucked by a gorrilla.

Also: When you are finished with a weight machine, please don’t sit on the machine staring into space for 10 minutes. I am waiting to use that machine and usually too polite to ask you if you’re finished. Also, please don’t take a 10-minute break between sets while sitting on the machine the entire time. Finally, please don’t put your towel and water bottle on the seat of a machine and then go talk to your buddy for 15 minutes. Rude, rude, rude.

How else are you supposed to notice how much they’re lifting?

I wait by the machine for 90 seconds. If the stuff is there (notebook, towel, water bottle, belt, whatever) and they’re not back, it gets moved to the side and I use the bench/machine. I’ve had a couple come back to me and say “I was using that”. I’ll reply, as if I misunderstood what they said, “You’re more than welcome to work in to my sets if you want”. You don’t get to call dibs at the gym especially if you’re running around the gym doing some circuit on 5 machines. (I’ll stop here since this isn’t the pit).

Just so you know, a gorilla only has a two inch penis. You might need a better analogy.:smiley:

Huh. That explains all those gorillas I’ve been seeing lately driving sports cars.

If you walk away from the equipment, it’s open for taking.

I even clear off your weights and get some extra calories burned from it. If you come back, you will – no doubt – say this: I* was working out here* or I was using this.

My standard, instant reply is: “How could you be working out here if you aren’t working out here?”

No one has done anything but give me a dirty look.

Amen. You also don’t need to bang the dumbbells together as hard as you can at the top of the lift.

What… no Hans and Franz references yet?

Solovar does not appreciate your attempt at humor.

It never ceases to amaze me, but by now it well should.

Anytime anyone gives details about an activity I have no personal experience about but am able understand and reason on, it quickly becomes evident that jerks run amok in that activity as well.

Sounds like some of you need to check out Planet Fitness. Their Lunk Alarm combats this kind of unwanted gym behavior.

The guy dropping the dumbbells today was not a serious lifter, he was a total dork.

I’ve seen guys drop the really heavy dumbells (60+lbs each) on end, and break the weight off of the handle. One more reason not to drop them.

Yes, the owner of my previous gym would have fits when people were rough on the gear. And rightfully so. That stuff is expensive and so is the floor.

I looked that up, holy crap what an annoying policy.

I think grunting can be very useful during a workout. It’s the same principle behind the kiyai in martial arts - the release of breath and sound corresponding to the release of energy. But there is no reason to go totally over the top with it.

Seriously. That thing would scare me so much I wouldn’t go back to that gym. Thank goodness for my friendly but very well-equipped Y.

Just look forward to the day he drops them on his foot. Or on the foot of the way bigger dude standing nearby.

And yeah, the lunk alarm is kinda clever but it could get old real fast.

I lift at the Y and nobody is dropping weights or making a scene. I can understand a bit of grunting, but a couple of videos I just saw on YouTube were pretty extremely annoying. Grunting from exertion happens from time to time (never audible over headphones, I’ve found), but dropping weights on purpose, not so much.