You folks won me $20 this weekend!

Especially gobear and the folks who posted in the Hail Maria, Full of…WTF?! thread.

See, supervenusfreak and I are roadtripping to Connecticut for Bear Trek this coming weekend, and he threw out a comment on Saturday as we were running errands about stopping at the underpass and seeing the Virgin Mary. I said to him, “Considering that it’s in Chicago, I don’t think so”. He insisted that it was in New Jersey.

But I KNEW it was Chicago, because of you folks! And I bet him $20 I was right. And I was. So I won.

Of course, I used the $20 to take him out for brunch Sunday morning, but it felt damn good to win a bet… :smiley:

Odd, for some reason, I thought it was in New Jersey too. I hadn’t actively thought about it, but if someone had asked me, I would have said Jersey.

But I don’t owe you $20 so don’t even try :wink:

If you pass through Danbury, you must wave hello :wink:

We’re staying IN Danbury, I believe. The hotel is in town.

Oh well then you must definitely wave hello! I’d say we could get together but I’m sure you guys will have all kinds of fun stuff planned :wink:

See, this is why I need to go to one of these events. Free money. That settles it. I’m going to go to the next bear run that is in my area and that I’m free during and that I have money to go to.

It seems Mary has some frequent miles to use. According to a quick Google search:

“23 Oct 2003 CNN reports a sighting of the Virgin Mary in a Passaic, New Jersey tree stump.”

Looks like she is heading west.
Congrats on the $20.

{{DMark makes self note to start looking for next Virgin Mary sighting on a pancake in a buffet here in Las Vegas}}

DMark, dammit, you’re in LA? I was going to invite you/ask you to pay my plane fare to Oktobearfest in München. :stuck_out_tongue: