You give birth on the sidewalk, you bitch! [Pregnant terrorists]

So I’m surfing the web, just killing some time and getting up to date on some of all the bad stuff that happens in the world, when I come upon this:

Nah, this can’t be true. Probably just a single incident, me thinks. Turns out, not so. In the last year 46 pregnant women gave birth at military checkpoints. Some in ambulances, some in privately owned cars, some in open air on the side of the road. 24 of the mothers died, and so did 27 of the babies, all according to reports from the UN and Amnesty, as well as reports from the Health Ministry in the Occupied Territories. Between September 2000 and September 2002, 55 women gave birth at military checkpoints, 19 mothers and 29 babies died. Here’s just one of numerous references.

I thought of posting this in GD, but decided against. This belongs in the Pit. This is utterly disgusting. How can soldiers stand by and watch a pregnant woman die because of “security concerns”? Don’t they have eyes in front of their heads? Can’t they tell the difference between a potential terrorist and a women in labour?

Obviously not. If this is how wars on terror are fought in real life, I rather be without the fight. Because we (the Western freedom loving people) don’t deserve to win.


No, its a well calculated plan to exterminate Palestinians. If the mother dies too, that’s a bonus. :rolleyes:

Isreal and the whole middle east disgusts me. Shit like this goes on all the time over there, and nothing will stop it as long as the region is inhabited. We need to stop funding Isreal and pull the F out of the whole region. Whoever decided to start Isreal in Palestine was a moron…perhaps they should have used an uninhabited region of the Sahara.

Unfortunately, there have been cases where pregnant women (or seemingly pregnant women) at checkpoints have actually been suicide bombers. The Palestinian terrorists have basically forced the Israeli military to take such drastic precautions.

Tell you what, pathetic surrender monkey, go find yourself a office for Al Queda/Hizbollah/your favorite terrorist group, and surrender. Leave the rest of the Western world out of it.

Palestinians have made an endearing practice of using ambulances and ‘pregnant’ women to kill Israelis. Tough shit for them when it backfires.

Quotes from one report on the story, in Ha’aretz print edition 12 September 2003:

According to Google a copy of the full article is here

Yeah, but shouldn’t soldiers be trained to check it out quickly? After all, there are several hundred checkpoints dividing the Occupied Territories into smaller parts, you should think they were better prepared to handle emergency cases.

Don’t you have anything better to do than to spew shit? So I’m not qualified to have an opinion because I’m not American? I guess that’s why my fellow countrymen have risked their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Lebanon, voluntarily, because they don’t have an opinion. :rolleyes: Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to pass that along to my friend when he gets back. Stupid asshole.

Maybe if I wasn’t already aware of numerous cases like this I could still be shocked. But, sadly, it’s pretty much the norm and will continue to be so through the forseeable future.

Why does it happen? Well, how far into the reasons do you want to delve? At the top lies the fact that Palestinian suicide bombers have used the pretext of trying to rapidly usher someone in urgent need of medical attention quickly through the checkpoint, only to subsequently have them explode a bomb taped to their stomach in a place crowded with civilians. Explosives have been found in ambulances too, ferrying them through checkpoints to kill more Jews. Those acts, and the reticence they produce to ever let it occur again, are part of the reason no more in urgent need are whisked through to possibly repeat the horror.

Another reason is that so many have been killed on either side that it’s become both the common opinion of those manning the checkpoint, as well as their superiors, that the Palestinian life isn’t worth saving. You see enough of your fellow soldiers die, you have a family member killed, you ferry enough Israeli citizens and/or their body parts to the hospital and morgue and you simply no longer give a shit about a Palestinian life. If fact, you maybe relish their passing. Young fighter, old man, pregnant mother, it matters not.

We know it’s not right, standing here thousands of miles away and out of harm’s way, but I honestly can’t say that with roles reversed I’d not duplicate the sentiment. The sentiment’s shared by both sides, understandably so, and we’d quite likely be no different.

I saw a show recently wher a British (I think) news crew identified themselves to an Israeli checkpoint at night, started to proceed and were fired upon, killing the producer. Later in the program a European aid worker was hit by an Israeli sniper as he conversed with children. He waited for some agonizing length of time for them to let him through the checkpoint and, I think, later died. The Israelis were fully aware he was a Brit as negotiations the get him from Gaza to a better stocked Israeli hospital went through the embassy. It mattered not. Permission was painfully, lethally slow. That show drove home to me some perception, limited still, of just how much these two peoples hate each other.

I’m not surprised at what you describe. Not one bit and I can’t for the life of me imagine any sort of resolution. It just keps getting worse and worse.

I’m empathetic toward both sides but what a horribly fucked up situation it must be when you don’t care about a dying mother and child. What could possibly be worth such a price?

And according to your cite, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs there has been:

… exactly one - 1 - planned terrorist act involving a fake pregnant woman (your cite covers 2000-2002)

Small point, but I find the tone of your OP and the title of your thread to be somewhat juxtaposed. I missed what?

If by juxtaposed you mean out of context, you’re right. The OP is alo overdramatized, which was probably what kicked off brutus

More in contradiction with than a question of context. I walked in thinking as story would unfold with the mother to blame for some soon to unfold story of harm to a child. Instead, the rant, justified I might add, was against a third party. All well and good until I went back and re-read the title which, again, seems to berate the mother.

Wouldn’t be the first time but maybe I’m just missing something.

How 'bout you don’t speak for the rest of the western world. :wally

Your question caused me to check and I’d like to humbly apologize for the misuse of juxtaposed. My very fuckin’ bad. Still, the dichotomy between title and OP remains, admittedly belabored now.

Yes, I looked up dichotomy.

Belabored? Are you sure? :wink:

I assumed the OP was being sarcastic with the title.
Is it me or has Brutus become way too predictable? I can always guess when he is going to show up and…“educate” us. “Pathetic surrender monkey” indeed. (Wow! Just quoting him makes me feel smarter!)

Whaddayamean, “become”?

For any political topic, just take the most insensitive, boneheaded, oversimplistic, jingoistic, right-wing position, and Brutus will pop up to defend it to the death. There are critters living in tidepools with deeper thoughts than his.

I read it as ironic or sarcastic. Which, in fact, is why I clicked on the link. :smiley:

All rights and all wrongs have long since blown away
for causes are ashes where children lie slain

-Stan Rogers

Got it. Carry on for, sadly, I am a simple fuck.