You gotta be shitting me! This can't be real, can it?

Now I have seen it all. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea for a toy? Someone had to design this, and have it manufactured! Off with their head!:mad:

Wow, the people at the Free Republic are nuts. Read the responses in that link!

My favorite:

“Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela are good options. Note that they were to be sent to Hispanic markets. MEMO TO CLUELESS GEORGE: MEXICO IS AN ENEMY STATE. REPEAT: MEXICO IS AN ENEMY STATE. A lot of MexicANS may be happy to just go someplace they can find work, but you are allowing our invasion by a hostile enemy.”

What the fuck?

I followed the link to the Freepers, and all I can say is holy shit. First of all, I felt the toy to be incredibly bad taste. I don’t know anyone who would want it. But the Freepers want to start dropping bombs and what - invade Mexico or something? I say it again - holy shit.



Bah. There’s no hysteria! But did Tolkien predict 9/11!? OMG! Run!