You gotta follow your dreams.

New Jersey woman plans on becoming the world’s fattest woman in 2 years.


Okay, that forum is distracting, so I went directly to the linked article.

Aside from what’s obviously wrong with that statement, she appears to think chasing after a kid is sufficient exercise to keep her from gaining weight.

From the linked article.

Rule 34.

Are there really that many people willing to watch her eat? Why not just… go to a restaurant, so you can eat while you watch other people eat?

They don’t take kindly to masturbators at McDonalds.

I need to get in on this- somebody will pay to watch me do my favorite thing?? Oh wait, that’s called porn… I mean, somebody will pay to watch me do my second favorite thing?? I may have found a new career.

Is two years enoug time to becoming the world’s fattest person? I mean I’m all for chasing your dream, but at least give yourself a reasonable timeframe, shit.

In case you didn’t notice the picture, she’s got a good running start.

“The 42-year-old already holds the title of the world’s fattest mother after giving birth to her daughter in 2007 when she weighed 241kg.”

$815 per week grocery bill - she must be eating the gourmet Pirate’s Booty instead of the Cheetos.


Is this Rule 34 or Rule 36? Isn’t this more of a fetish-based thing?

Just because you want to be a grotesque freak doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly.

Different story and better pic

Silly me. Here I thought the whole story was summed up in the OP. :smack:

You’re right. I had never heard of Rule 36, just 34.

That is so unbelievably sad.

I have a serious question. How does someone like that wipe their butt, or change a tampon or do up their shoes? Do they have a helper for everything or just not wipe their butt?

How do you think her daughter earns her allowance? :eek:

That woman’s underwear have got to resemble a bag full of cream cheese eclairs in the dumpster at a local donut shop.

According to TV, they use a long stick with a rag on the end to attend to bathroom needs. I seriously doubt tampons are an option anymore. Slip-on shoes (or barefoot at McDonald’s in the 2nd article).