You Guys have to see this.

You have to see this . It’s a link to the IMDB entry called “Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze”.

I just think it’s funny because it only lasts five seconds. But, it was important, so I guess it does deserve some recognition.

I guess I don’t follow you - yes, it is an IMDb entry for Edison’s 5 second film of a man sneezing.

I suppose, just taken on its own, having an IMDb entry for a short sneeze film would be pretty silly, but it is a rather well-known film and historically important, so it is not surprising that a comprehensive fact source like the IMDb would include it…

Eh, what about the Snotty Vase?

Here’s another view.

Mmmmm … sneeze films.

The thinking man’s pron.

And interestingly enough, Fred Ott has a Bacon Number of Infinity.