"You Guyse Are Great Coocks!"

I was waiting at Pizza Hut and happened to see a glass case with sheets of paper people drop in with comments.
The thread title is one of the comments I read.

My guess is whoever wrote that likes the place and is not really commenting on the endowments of the pizza delivery “guyse”, but then again - I hear in some porn movies…

That’s awesome! Hilarious!

You may have seen it, but I have to post the coolest Pizza Hutpie ever.

A bar owner friend of mine was telling me he came in to open the bar up one morning and on the bar was a note left by the bartender who closed up last night. on it, read: * I quiet* (She was trying to say I quit.)

Not bad, but it’s no Pythagora’s Pizza Palace.

Your evers goto a ESL claass you wiill seen dosens of thos nodes.

That’s hilarious. I love it.