You HAVE to read this: hilariously bad actual translation of Mercedes ad copy

Oh, baby. You guys gotta read this. My family wonders why I’m ROFLMAO. The only thing to do is post it in MPSIMS and share the wealth.

This is actual ad copy from this site. I am not making this up.


What’s your best guess? Ran it through a malfunctioning Babelfish program? The cadence of it sure reminds me of those instructions for assembling Japanese stuff. Suppose they farmed out the ad copy to somebody’s Chinese brother-in-law’s cousin?

Does this qualify as a Weird Earl, or am I the only one in the world who thinks it’s hilarious?

Sure hope it hasn’t already been covered in a thread–nope, couldn’t be, or I’d have heard about the casualties on the evening news. “Died Laughing in a Chat Room–Film at Eleven”.

Whoops, excuse me for a minute, PIMP, “it’s very pity”, huh… :smiley:

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Either they translated it directly from German on a word-by-word basis, or bj0rn used to work for Mercedes :wink:

Happens all the time, someone who thinks they know English tries a translation. Happens the other way 'round, too – someone says that they speak French, and so they translate a document from English to French.

The problem is that they are not native speakers, or not truly fluent in the written language, and so there are mistakes, some hilarious. There was an e-mail list a while ago of errors in English, including the famous hotel warning, “Ladies should not have children in the lobby.”

Most companies are nowadays savvy enough to know to have materials proofed by a native speaker, but … ::: shrug :::

Ha! Everybody thinks they’re translators. :rolleyes:

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I still remember the owners manual that came with my Honda 350 motorcycle back in the 70’s. After carefully telling you how to tkae something apart (yes, owner’s manuals told you how to fix things back then), it would inevitably end with:

“To reassemble, disassemble in reverse order.”

I agree that the translation is bad, but look at that car! It’s fantastic! I want one! What a great idea. It’s a pity it never went beyond the concept stage. Only drawback is that I don’t have a garage, and you’d pretty much need one to store the parts for the version you weren’t using at the time.

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

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I used to work for a company that imported musical instruments from all over the plac but it was done cheap some of the instructions were impenetrable ,the Germans were the funniest.
One leaflet that came with a recorder started off
“Preliminary supposition for a good play of the recorder.
The soft low blow is not possible and so is the strong hard blow but the constant flow is to be the best…”

Wish I could remember the rest but it was 15 years ago.

The bjOrnMobile, perhaps? :smiley:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.