You hear "sports" what's the first you think of? (no peeking at other repl

Aussie Rules Football

Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey. Hockey.
Well, you did say sports.

Football. (The one where you kick the ball.)

Summer: cricket
Winter: rugby league/union



Oh, I’ve said too much.

Football (soccer).

  1. Baseball

  2. Baseball

  3. Baseball

  4. Baseball

  5. Baseball

  6. Hockey

The first thing I think of is to change the channel. I like to play, not watch.

I peeked. The first to come to mind is football, because it’s everywhere right now. Individual sport would be swimming.

American football or baseball, but only because it’s “sports”. If it had been the Commonwealth usage “sport”, I’d think of cricket or Rugby League.


And for individual sports, I suppose cycling.


What gym class is called in English schools.

Doubtful. Please see my above post.

(they don’t take math either)

So it is called sport, rather then sport. Take a chill-pill. Despite the fact you said that earlier, I had no way of knowing, since I played by the rules, and avoided peeking at other replies as the title instructed.