You hear "sports" what's the first you think of? (no peeking at other repl

Football – if team is implied

Golf – if individual

Bar. As in sports bar.

As far as sports themselves, probably basketball.


What do you mean, there are other sports?

X Games

Curling. Or Hurling.

Okay, seriously, football.


A vague sort of event with people in shorts running pellmell around a field, with some hurdles thrown in here and there and some people carrying pole vault sticks.

I know it’s not exactly a real sport, but it’s the image that immediately springs to my non-athletic mind.

If you stipulated that it must be an actual sport, I’d go with volleyball.

Mutants, of course.

American Football



Football, baseball, & basketball.

I do not consider golf a sport.


in that order. (Assuming you mean pro sports, which is the first thing I thought of upon reading the word “sports”.)

Then, the mental picture of that guy doing the ski jump and crashing from the old CBS “Wide World Of Sports” intro, with the voiceover mentioning “…and the AGONY of DEFEAT.”

Football, football, football…

Hard to say. Generally just a vague impression of grown men in silly outfits and large drunken crowds before my brain shuts down entirely.

Now on the other hand if I hear the term “sport”…well, pretty much the same thing but I’ll have made a nice cup of tea first.


What do I win?

Weird, from reading just the subject line, I thought “soccer.” But I hate soccer, I think it’s boring to watch and I’ve only ever played it once. I wish I’d thought of “football” first.

Football. Aussie rules to be precise. Not that I’m a fan, it’s just what springs to mind.

Track (athough I’ve been told that’s “athletics” and not “sports”). Maybe it’s because I ran track in school.

Baseball comes up next. Maybe because I got stuck in O’s traffic on the drive home.