You hear the strangest things in the men's room

I just heard the most bizarre conversation - anyone have any idea what might have been going on here? Seems almost like these guys were speaking in code, but still, doesn’t really make any sense. Names have been changed to protect the innocent - “David” is a guy I know, who is very effeminate. The other voice I didn’t recognize, so I am calling him “John”.

John: Oh hi, David, how is it going?

David: Doin’ fine, what’s new with you?

John: I just tried one of those suckers over by Carol’s desk. It made my tongue feel funny.

David: Hmm…

John: I wasn’t expecting it. It made my tongue feel funny.

David: I’m glad you told me, I was thinking about getting one of those.

John: It made my tongue feel funny.

  • slight pause -

David: Oh, I’ll be out for a while later this afternoon, I have to go to the hospital for a blood test. Well the whole team pretty much knows, I’m a primary … (did not overhear this part, too muffled and fast) …

John: Sorry, what was that? I only caught about half of that.

David: Ah, nevermind. See ya.

But how does your tongue feel?

I said “furry”. It made my tongue feel furry.

And quit eavesdropping on me.

That made my tongue feel funny.

It was a candy corn lollipop!

It’s ok. The other day I was in a stall between two chatting girls (hijack: how can people do that? I’d feel so weird: “So yeah, I was at the mall today and :: drip drip drip squirt:: and i bought some shoes and ::squirt squirt::”) and I hear:

" mumble mumble (yelled) ANAL GENTIAL OVERLAP!"

Yeah, that was a little odd.

A little odd?

No dear, that was really fucking odd.

Did you laugh hysterically and call them funny names?

I would have. Not that I’d have been there, but, well I would have. You know?

A few of my friends were washing their hands, fixing their hair, etc. while I was doing my business. As soon as the words “Anal Genital overlap” were said, there was dead silence from my friends. . . then hysterical laughter.

And we laughed.
And laughed.

And laughed the entire way to class.
And while we were eating lunch, we took turns randomly yelling out, “Anal Genital Overlap!”. Then we laughed some more.
Frankly, I’m not entirely sure what “Anal Genital Overlap” is. Perhaps that is the real name of the taint? (Cuz it taint your hoo and it taint your haaa :stuck_out_tongue: )

Maybe she meant that [TMI]while she was wiping herself, she inadvertently wiped fecal matter into her pudenda?[/TMI]

Now that was some funny shit ! :smiley:

Frankly, I’m not entirely sure what “Anal Genital Overlap” is.{/Quote]

Well, among other things, it’s a damn fine BAND NAME!

"Ladies and gentlemen, Anal Genital Overlap! Tonight, they’re here to perform their cover of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love, followed by a reworking of Louis Jordan’s classic Tissue 'Tis or Tissue Taint My Baby!

My dongue feelds fundy, too.