My wife said another man's name mid-climax last night

…it was the name of my urologist. As in, “I sure hope Dr. [Urologist]'s handiwork held together.” As in, the vasectomy he just gave me.

While I totally agree with her, it was still strange to hear it while the pistons were still pumping.

I know this topic has been done before here, but what other strange things have you heard/said mid- or post-coitus?

I make such ridiculous noises that immediately after the final groan, I mean IMMEDIATELY after, I sometimes collapse into a fit of laughter at what a maniac I must sound like. It makes my wife laugh her ass off sometimes, but she tries to hide it…


My SO really did yell out his ex-wife’s name during sex with me once.

No, there’s no punchline, no twist, just a slip of the tongue and a mortified man.

Actually, he tried to cover for it in the moment. It was cute. “Oh, Linda!..uh…Linda, it was never like this…Shit. I’m sorry, WhyNot. I’m so, so sorry.”

Hey, he was married to her for 25 years. He’d been with me for about three weeks. I totally understood, and wasn’t hurt by it at all, but it took me most of the night to talk him out of his self-imposed doghouse! :smiley:

In college, I called out the name of my (new) girlfriend’s best friend. She apparently didn’t notice, as we dated for five more years.

Not to me but to a friend.
Wife “I’m convinced”

What he heard.
“Uncle Vince”

The fact that she had an Uncle Vince did not help.

Saying the wrong name probably contributed to the doom of at least two of my FIL’s relationships (amongst more mundane things like different life directions etc etc).

In his defence, his first wife - the mother of my husband - passed away many years ago, and he’s never stopped loving her. It’s her name that he tends to utter when emotional/drunk.

The problem has been solved with his new SO (well, 9 years and counting). She has the same name as his first wife!

A girlfriend once called out her ex’s name during her climax. He had been her first serious, long-term boyfriend and they had recently broken up. I actually thought it was pretty funny, but she was mortified. I let her make it up to me as often as she felt was necessary.

A different girlfriend and I were getting down to business one day. I worked my magic and she came, and as I’m pumping away furiously, heard her say “oh shit, I forgot to call my mother back”. WTF? Nice to know your head’s still in the game, now that you’re done.

That was the end of that session.

Because of this, an old girlfriend once tried to convince me that my nickname was, “Oh crap, I think I left the oven on.”

Not mid-climax, but at one point, back in our college days, my then-boyfriend-now-husband answered the phone during sex.

Ok, now for the explanation of why I didn’t kill him - he was expecting an important phone call that he didn’t want to miss, and we were young and horny and weren’t going to let little details like that stop us from occupying ourselves until then.

Oh, and the phone was across the room. Impressively enough, he got up and crossed the room without… “disengaging,” so to speak. :smiley: (I held on tight until he sat down, and tried not to giggle too loudly.)

Well? Was it the call he was waiting for? Who was it from? Enquiring minds want to know!

It was, yes, so the gymnastics didn’t need repeating. As for why, you’re asking me to remember back 20 years ago; I think it might have been from the Dean’s Office or something about his tuition payment. Anyway, it was resolved such that the proceedings carried on as before once the call was over.

At least he wasn’t keeping you hanging while he talked to his mom or something. :wink:

Ugh, my ex was married to his blackberry. Should have dumped his ass sooner (for other reasons, but this one was indicative). We had several sexytimes (and dinner outings, and blahblah) interrupted by that little fucker. Ass. NEVER let a call go to voicemail in the 7 months we were together. Way to make a gal feel important!

I’ve never called out anyone’s name during sex. Various ejaculations (of the verbal sort), but never a name. Never heard anyone call out anyone’s name during sex, not mine or anyone else’s. Strange! I never really thought about it until now.

One time I was vaguely sick, definitely not in the mood, but agreed to give a BJ, GGG-style. And then I threw up all over the floor when his stuff hit the back of my throat. That was probably the most miserable moment of my life… and possibly of his. Things kinda went downhill after that even though he was really nice about it and helped me clean up.

One time I was with a girl, and she had been freaking out over studying for a physics exam all week. She was in the habit of repeating to me the information she read in her book to help herself remember it, so I picked up a couple of things.

So we were getting horizontal one night, and after finishing I made a crack about how we didn’t do any “work.” It went over okay, but looking back, probably not my finest hour.

OMG! I do too! My dear friend and old lover told me that I was the only woman that he had ever been with who laughed after climax. I’m not sure why it happens. I just know that when I do laugh it is usually because it was really really good! :wink: I miss that wonderful friend of mine every single day.

Good story :smiley:

Um, what?

I’m familiar with it from Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” column; it stands for “Good, Giving, and Game,” and means what you will try to be as a sex partner: good in bed, giving of your time and attention, and game for trying things (within reason and your boundaries) if your partner asks.

A married woman once called me by husband’s name while having sex with me. It was a most unusual name; the first letter was “Q” and I’ve never encountered anyone else who had the same name. Her attempts to cover up were futile and no, I won’t confirm the name if anyone guesses it.

Quetzalcoatl, duh.