You just pried something out of your belly button...

What was it? Lint? A moth? The New York Times?

Just wondering,



Strawberry flavored Mike & Ike

A goat

An 82 year old pediatrician gasping for air.

A Colecovision.

Bottle of blinker fluid.

Another belly button.

I don’t know what it was, but it was pretty pissed off at me for disturbing its nest. Little bastard nearly bit off my finger before scurrying under the refrigerator.

Jimmy Hoffa and Judge Crater

A ring of keys.

I don’t know, but it smells like cheese.

A hairy raisin.

A Faberge egg.

Parliment-Funkadelic box set.

Natasha Lyonne. Huh. Explains a lot, but brings up so many more questions.

Once, I really did pull a feather from my bellybutton. It was from my duvet. It was a very odd experience.

A story I read on a bath products forum I visit (I know, shhh!) involves a girl who used a bath bomb which was full of plastic stars that swirl around your tub. A few days later her bellybutton gets inflamed and infected and she goes to the doctor, who then pulls one of the sharp plastic stars out of her bellybutton.

A cat. I think. It said “meow” and was very fuzzy, so I think it was a cat.

A second bellybutton, out of which I pried the original bellybutton.

I pulled out my belly button and my butt fell off.

I wish