You killed your neighbour because of a HEDGE?!

Two streets away from where I live, a man shoots his neighbour dead because they can’t agree on how to trim the hedge which divides their gardens.

OK, I realise that neighbours fall out over silly things all the time, but how the hell did this situation escalate to the point where you felt the need to blow the other guy away? You’ve ended someone’s life, left two families to deal with the aftermath, and guaranteed yourself a long spell in prison to top it all off. Nice work.

I think I might pull my shoes on and take a walk around the corner to see this hedge. After all, it must be pretty fucking special if you’re willing to go to these lengths over it.


From your link:

It may have been self-defense. There simply isn’t enough information to jump to the conclusion you have. Deep breath. Chill.

[size=1]Bolding mine.**

Absolutely, self-defence. That hedge hadn’t been trimmed for years, it could take an eye out, or something.

Just a microcosm of today’s political reality. People in Great Debates are falling out over the Bushes all the time.

I think you’ll often find trivial border disputes esculating beyond all reason at the root of many deaths. Countries are no better than people in this regard.

Wasn’t there a case not so long ago of one pensioner shooting another over a dispute about dumped hedge clippings?

Gardening is a serious business not to be messed with.

We had a case a couple of months back here in Melbourne where two little old ladies took to each other with tomahawks and other gardening implements.

Never underestimate the power of a senior citizen with a pair of secateurs in her hand. :smiley:

You garden with a tomahawk, kambuckta?

I’d hate to see your crabgrass.

Do little old ladies buy those missiles on eBay? Gad!

Obviously, you’re from the UK. This sort of thing happens all the time in the US. Neighbors carry on like morons over the silliest stuff. I’m glad I don’t have any close ones.

I thought guns were illegal in the UK. Or is that only handguns?
Makes me glad I’m rather laid back on stuff like that.

Could you take a picture? The picture in the linked newstory shows a tiny, ankle-high hedge that really does not look intersting enough to have sparked such debate. Is there another hedge?


Trust me, it doesn’t take much.

You should go over there and take some clippings from the hedge and sell them ebay!

You just never know what’s going to push a man over the hedge.

An incredibly bad pun, for instance… fingers twitch

Our local newspaper shows the same tiny little hedge, plus another at the front of the garden which is almost as tall as the house itself. Either way, I just see it as a clump of twigs and leaves, and still can’t quite grasp that two grown men could argue over it to the point where one gets shot dead. It certainly illustrates just how angry and and worked-up people can become over neigbourly disputes, though.

(By the way, I walked past the house this morning on my way to work, but it was cordoned off with a policeman standing guard outside. Don’t think I’ll risk taking snapshots ;).)

Latest updates on the TV news indicate that the arrested man’s injuries were gunshot wounds. Whether these were as the result of a tussle over the gun, or him turning it on himself afterwards, remains to be seen.

Yeah, but on this side of the pond violence is more likely to break out in disputes over trees and lawns (“Your dog peed on my grass! You must DIE!!!”).

Hedges are more of a British thing.

But even if it was self defense, he didn’t have to shoot the guy. He could’ve just called the copse.

deep breath

Yeah, that wooden be quite as ex-tree-me as lethal forest…

Hedges seem to be serious shit: