You knew it was coming...Gals, could you take your mom in a fight?

Well, could you?

Yes, but she’s in her sixties and has had open-heart surgery.

Um… Strictly hand-to-hand, yeah, but not if she kicked me.

Why would I want to? It would just give her something else to try to guilt me about.

You are going straight to hell for even suggesting such a thing, young man. Now, march yourself straight to your room and think about what you’ve said.
My mom is 5 feet tall and 64 years old. I’m 40 and 5’8" and she scares me. Even to contemplate hitting her has me cowering under my computer desk, waiting the lightening strike she will surely call down ala Storm.


However, she (at age 65) could take my sons in a fight. They’re 5 & 7 but pretty tough. She takes care of them 40+ hours a week.
Funny, though – I am reminded of the last time my mom tried to give me a spanking. I think I was around 12 - I just ran away from her!!


I’m stronger, no questions…

but she (and may she never read this) is nastier. And would have no qualms about fighting dirty, or paying a spectator to throw in a few punches or trip me when I wasn’t looking, or “accidentally” breaking the rules of the fight, or feigning and injury and when I’d turned to leave attacking me from behind, or waiting a week or more after I thought the fight was over, and beating me with a 2x4. She doesn’t quit.

Eventually, I’d lose.

Now that she’s 90 I might have a chance. But she always seems to come out on top in a coco-bust.

I dunno. That’d be a decent fight, assuming I would consider for a split second actually hitting my mother.

She’s 45, I’m almost 24. . . I think she could take me, because I just don’t think I could hit her.

I will give a more erotic example for all of you perverts. Who would win. Donna from That 70’s Show, or Donna’s mom from That 70’s Show. In the mud!

Not a chance. My mom’s 5’9" to my 5’2" and a helluva lot stronger.

Well, I can’t imagine such a thing happening, considering that we’re both such huge pacifists. I’ve never struck another person in anger.

But could I kick her ass, if the mood struck me? Sure. At least she never ceases to remind me how much stronger than her I am whenever she wants my help schlepping something.

Of course, but then I’d have to kill myself for beating on a cookie baking, hospital volunteering, little 65 year-old quadruple bypass surgery survivor, who smokes like a chimney and has emphysema. Plus I suspect she’d get in a few good licks and that really would be too embarrassing to bear.

I could physically. I have 4 inches on her, I’m in way better shape, and I move faster. I couldn’t handle the psychological angle though. Good lord, I still hear about the time I was 3 and called her “mean mom”. Imagine the guilt if I beat her in a fight!

God no!
My mother goes to the gym 3 times a week, has a resting heart rate of 49, and for her 5 feet packs a lot of muscle.

She hit me once. Once in my entire life. Yes she would win because evidently I can only blub like a baby if she hits me…of course I was 15 then and she is shorter and punier…but I still think I would blub.

My mother’s going to turn 60 in 13 days. I think she’d wipe the floor with me though, as she’s been taking karate and stuntperson classes for the extra work she does in films.

Tequila - interesting Mom! Might I have seen in her any films?

Years ago I was “play” fighting with my Mom. Suddenly it turned nasty, we both got mad. She kicked my ass. Evil woman kicked me while I was down. I think she could still take me so I wouldn’t try again. Though she looks harmless that’s one tough little woman. Plus she cheats and would tickle me. No one can tickle like your Mama.

Easily. my mom has 4 inches on me (5’11" to 5’7"), but she’s skinny and weak. Also, I’m 22, she’s 51. I’d break her in half.

Of course then my sisters would pound me to pieces…