You Know That Sound

When you lay a sheet of plywood on your cat, then slowly drive a truck over it?:eek:

That’s the screaming and yowling that snatched me from my sleep this morning. I bolted through the house to find what she could possibly have been caught in that would elicit such a noise. She got her head stuck in the picket fence one time, but this was scarier. Maybe the doxies snapped and are tearing her apart finally.:confused:

But no.

As I entered the kitchen, I slid to a stop; there she was in the far doorway, just sitting - uninjured - and looking at the coat rack.

Really? I had to get up for that?:mad:

Fucking cats. Where’s my plywood?

Ummmmm, no, actually. It’s hard cenough to get our cats to stand still long enough to put plywood over them. I’m lucky if I can cover them with the bed cover.

We don’t even own a truck.

Here I thought you meant the sound of a cat barfing on the carpet even though there’s a perfectly good tiled floor nearby.

(It’s been close to 20 years since I’ve lived with a cat and I still know the sound of a cat about to barf. I think someone should create an alarm clock with that as a wake-up sound option.)

We gret that all the time. Our cats will deliberately seek out carpeting if none is at hand (mouth?) I suspect they think it’s better to throw up on the layer of forest mould, which carpeting more closely resembles than tile or wood.
And, if I get there in time with a sheet of newspaper, the cat will turn away

“No-- I almost threw up on the Paper Thing! I turned away just in time!”

Three of our cats are perfectly willing to be covered with the sheet and bedspread, especially if we’re trying to make the bed neatly.

I do know the sound of a cat being denied its rightful share of tuna juice, though. We have four cats, which means that either it’s gonna take both of us to put down the bowls of juice at once, or one of us can put down two bowls at a time, so half the cats think that they aren’t going to get the juice. And they protest. Oh, how they protest.

We own two trucks. And two cars, and an RV.