You know what day it is?

Today is Sept. 2nd, 2010, the ninth month, second day of the tenth year of this millenium.

In other words, it’s 09/02/10 - or 90210!

So, in celebration, get out there today and say something bitchy & mean-spirited, slap someone, screw over your best friend over, sleep with their S.O. and then learn a Very Important Lesson from it all. After all, it’s a Very Special day!

  • Slaps OP with a trout *
  • Has hate-sex with trout *
    *Serves trout to adversaries as a peace offering *

I think a couple of ladies I had a table of mine today were in 90210 mode… they kept making comments about Carol’s husband, Anne’s clothes, etc. And they were very keen on being snarky to the waitstaff.

But I, somehow, don’t think they were celebrating today, though…

And this is why “Donna Martin Graduates!” is a trending topic on Twitter.