You know what pisses me off?

Truth be told, just about everything and everybody. But I try not to show it.

I think somebody needs a hug… :smiley:

I’m moody and irritable, plus I’m completely disillusioned with people, government, art, religion, and society.

I’ll probably have a long, bitter, vitriol-filled life.

Have you considered drugs, alcohol, cynicism and meaningless sex as alternatives? I find they substitute quite nicely when the former avenues fail.

Hugs embarass me, which leads too me being MORE pissed off.

I’ve consumed many, many drugs. Wore them out. Same with alcohol. I cornered the market on cynicism. And how does an embittered schmuck with no money get to the meaningless sex part? No, I’m afraid I’m doomed to rail against everything, and die alone.

Well, now I’m depressed too… thanks a bunch guys.

So should we just cut along the dotted line and end it all right now or can’t we be bothered to muster enough initiative to even do that?

I’m afraid it’s far too late for that. Ennui has set in. Just let it all go…there…thaaaaaaat’s better.

[saccharine]You guys just need a warm puppy to turn your frown upsidedown. [/saccharine]

Damn it, he just peed on the rug! :eek: Now I’m pissed, too! :mad:

My anger at everything has reached such a ludicrous point that even I can’t keep a straight face when I vent.

Ennui is just around the corner.

There’s a big, flightless bird around the corner?!

Oh, excuse me. That’s Emu.

Well, when I say your post, I just thought what would he want with a huge bird… Never mind.

Sorry, that “saw your post” not “say your post.” :o

Hey, fuck you old man!

What do you have to be pissed off about?

Just because you’re old, out of shape, goofy looking, living in a boring suburb, stuck in a dead end job that doesn’t pay damn near enough, living with a shrewish wife and ungrateful kids you hope are really the mailman’s, …

Oh wait, that would be me!

My dog bit me in the leg today, my cat scratched my eye. I’ve been thrown out of the social circles. My wife has to lie. NO MORE, MR. NICE GUY!


[obscure movie reference]
Man. And that rug really held the living room together.
[/obscure movie reference]

The Big Lebowski?

My ability to Intellectualize allowed me to Rationalize Which got me Institutionalized!

“Especially stupid jump ropes!”

hey dropzone, this may not improve your day any, but I’ve got a third date tonight (a real date! Dinner and a movie!) with the guy who introduced himself because of your “Dating Service, 5¢ (FREE for Registered Dopers!)” thread.
<cheery voice> See! You ARE doing some good in the world! </cheery voice>

xtal, a smile is trying to creep onto my face but all I have to do is remember how my wife is sure that thread will lead to rape, murder, and mayhem and that it will be ALL MY FAULT and the smile goes away.

Dinsdale, it’s good we swapped towns because I’ve heard that Doppelgangers cannot get too close without “imminentizing the Eschaton.”*

    • Gratuitous Illuminatus reference.

QuickSilver, no “drugs, alcohol, cynicism and meaningless sex” for me–I’m married.

cleosia, I’ve trained my dogs to piss in the kitchen. No rug, at least. One had figured out to do it in the bathtub (easy cleanup!) but Wife punished him for it. Now he does it in front of the toilet.

xtal, I give up. Who is it? I checked the thread and there were no PUBLIC pronouncements of eternal fealty.

If you’re shy you can email me about it.