You Know You Rely on The Internet Too Much When....

A little earlier today, my Internet service just died. I could no longer connect to the Internet. After making sure that things were fine on my end, I concluded that my ISP had had problems, and promptly tried to check my ISP’s web site for any reports of problems.


I was hoping I could find the a youtube clip, but I believe it went like this.

Peg: The phone doesn’t work.
[Kelly picks up phone]
Kelly:I’ll call the phone company
[Al rolls eyes]

The Internet at work was down. A coworker was trying to check the definition of a word, and was going from office to office looking for a dictionary. It took quite a few offices before she found one!

I called my internet provider when my service was down. The recorded voice helpfully informed me about 10 times that I could look up anything I needed just by going to their website.

I had just moved to a new apartment so my Internet wasn’t set up yet. I was bemoaning the fact that I was craving Subway, but I couldn’t use the Internet to look up the closest one. My mom rolled her eyes and a minute later brought in the phone book. Forgot that option! :o

Me too Spoons, only I was looking for their phone-number to call and ask if there’s a problem.

I have mild panic attacks when my Internet service goes down, even if it’s at 2AM and I was about to go to bed anyway. I know, I have a problem. Luckily it’s mostly reliable and those outages are few and far between.

This drives me right up the wall. If I could get online, I probably would NOT be calling tech support.

I actually printed out a list of Useful Phone Numbers and Addresses the last time my computer went down, and then I got it repaired. Because I wanted to talk to people on the phone, but all my info was stored on my hard drive, instead of the old Rolodex. I have printed out a couple of copies, one of which got cut up and pasted onto Rolodex cards.

I will admit that the telephone option (and the phone book) occurred to me later, but it sure wasn’t the first thing I thought of.

Lynn, printing certain things off “just in case” is a good idea. I should do the same.

We apparently have a “rely on electricity too much” problem - a couple of months ago our power went out in the house right at suppertime and the outage lasted for a couple of hours in the evening. No tv, no dvds, no music (other than iPods), no internet. After we sat and stared at each other for a little while, I went off and read my book. If it lasted for longer, I guess we would have figured things out to do (like playing board games), but you really do get into ruts.

I used to camp a lot when I was younger. Nowadays, though, I DO rely on AC when it’s warm or hot. The heat index has been to 110 F lately, and the temperature, no index, is over 100 F. I can read or play cards or even just talk to people without electricity, but without AC, I can’t breathe.

We have gas heat, and several oil lamps, plus some flashlights, so if the electricity goes off when it’s cold, we just dig out the cards or board games. For that matter, my husband and I have been playing Munchkin (card game) every other night, just because it’s more fun than TV.

Yea… if only had I thought of the phone-book… but since it’s on their website, I thought I’d just check it there. :smack:

We share that problem. It’s rare but just often enough that I freak out even if I was on the way out and wouldn’t use it for hours. I’d have to FIX it before I leave.

This thread was started on the 7th year anniversary of the East Coast Blackout.

Last night the fourth, and final, light bulb in my garage burned out. After going and getting replacements in the basement I came back up to the garage, opened the door and … flicked on the light switch. :smack:

This is an excellent idea.

Not so much was a past manager of mine’s idea that we could print out the entire staff telephone directory for the (then) 24-branch library system in case our intranet went down and we couldn’t access it.

Because, what, we’ll need to call every staff person in the county individually to let them know there’s a problem?

Grr! I hate this so much. I’ve even had living, breathing person at tech support tell me to access something online. “My computer is not working at all, which is why I’m calling you guys.” When I was signing up for my ISP, once I was done giving all the relevant sign up information, the lady told me to check my e-mail to activate my account. “I can’t get online, you see, which is why I’m calling you guys.” We always end up working around it, but still.

I’ve done what the OP has, and I’ve also done this with my phone. Once I was driving to work, realized my phone was not in my bag and decided to call my husband at home to ease by mind by confirming that I’d left it there, and hadn’t lost it. Yes, marvelous plan! :smack:

Yeah, I only printed out about a page’s worth of these addresses. I have, for instance, the numbers and addresses of my parents’ neighbors on all sides, and while those are Useful, they are not Really Useful. So those didn’t get printed out, and neither did most of the names, numbers, and addresses of most of my business directory. I DID include the number and address of the computer repair shop that we use, though.

I just love it that ‘help’ menus on just about every program I have on this computer are completely useless if the internet is down. Okay, I’ll try to just stick to what I already know how to do.