You know you're a ____ fan when...

You know you’re JokerxHarley fan when you can relate just about every song you hear, from Paper Moon to Rammstein’s Amour, to their lives and relationship.

You know you’re a furry fan when you pull out a misshapen M&M and think ‘hey! that looks like a fox!’ rather than ‘hey! It’s heart-shaped!’ (The ‘nose’ was too pointed to be a kitty)

You know you’re a Superman fan when you’re looking at DVDs and thinking ‘huh, I wonder if this has subtitles in that language I wanted to learn. What was it again? Oh, right. Kryptonian. No, it probably doesn’t.’ (shamelessly stolen from some one else)

You know you’re an anime fan when you can pull out evidence from anything you read or watch to support a relationship for any two random characters. I was watching Thundercats one time and had a shipping moment for Cheetara & Snarf. shudder

Who wants to take bets that this thread dies a quick death like all the other ones I’ve started?

Pfft. Everyone knows it was Panthro and Snarf who were doing the yowl-thing…

Silver Tyger Girl, you are a geek. But a cute geek, so that’s okay. :smiley:

You know you’re a City of Heroes fan when you try to classify every fictional character you know of into the game’s class sytem. I’ve spent more time than I rationally should trying to figure out how to best represent an Elite Beat Agent in CoH.

You know you’re an Elite Beat Agent/Guitar Hero fan when you start trying to work out the button sequences for every song you hear.

You know you’re a Doom fan when you voluntarily watch the movie. (Got it from Netflix this week.)

You know you’re a gaming fan when everything you can think of for this thread is game-related.

You know you’re a Star Trek fan when:

-You own in one form or another every single episode of TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY, as well as all of the movies.

-You had a Star Trek themed bar mitzvah ceremony, complete with cardboard cutouts and everything.

-You still have many, many cards left over from when you used to play the Star Trek: Collectible Card Game

-You have thrown four (four!) Star Trek drinking parties, wherein the attendants play drinking games to various episodes of the shows while drinking approximations to Klingon bloodwine, Romulan Ale, Cardassian Kanar, Aldebaran Whiskey, Saurian brandy, etc, that you found and/or made.

… I’d love a DVD with Kryptonian subs…too bad it’s probably not possible… (Interlac’d be cooler, anyway.)

Harry Potter fans are worse! At least WE only 'ship characters who’ve actually appeared! (Poor Blaise Zabini shippers…)

You know you’re a comic book fan when you hate every comic book out there. (Annoyed with my fellow fans? Why would you say that?)

You know you are a video game fan when you accomplish something difficult in the real world and think “I ought to save now.”

You know you’re an SDMB fan when you start damn near every conversation with “So, I was reading a post on this message board when…”

Oh, man, you got that right.

You know you’re a Brian Singer fan when you try to defend Superman Returns.

Sorry, sorry, can of worms, I know.
You know you’re a comics fan when you can make yourself fall asleep trying to draft a superteam.

You know you’re a serious geek when you almost wish you’d have a limb amputated just so you could get a bionic one.

You know you’re a RE geek when all you have to say is “What are you selling?” for people to feel dirty.

You know you’re a Firefly fan when you burst into song whenever you hear the name “Jayne.”

You know you’re a hockey fan when you body check a heavy door when you open it.

You know you’re an annoying anime fan when…

…You declare that ALL anime is better than ALL “western” animation. Bonus points if you then soundly mock The Simpsons.

…Someone asks for examples of a certain plot in movies and you post a list of 80 different animes. Bonus points if more than half of them have never been “officially” translated.

…You refuse to watch Firefly because “Joss Whedon ripped off Outlaw Star.”

You know you’re a Star Wars fan when…

Your friend asks if he can wear a Chewbacca outfit to your wedding and you say “Only if you do the voice the whole time.”

You see an irregularly shaped brown shag rug at Home Depot and shout “Chewie, what have they done! You will be avenged, old friend!”, scaring the other customers.

Not that I would know from personal experience or anything…

You know you’re a Gilbert and Sullivan fan when you can sing selected songs from various operettas during casualty drills aboard your ship. And be told that they’re hitting a bit too close to home from the drill monitors.

You know you’re a Whovian when you argue, and can prove, that the Phalanx CIWS mounts should not be called R2D2s, but enslaved Daleks. Exterminate! Exterminate!

You know you’re a BSG fan when your ‘F’ word is ‘Frack’.

I’m doing that a lot at the moment. A LOT. Maybe I should quit for a while. I could you know. Easily. No problemo. If I wanted to, that is. Which I don’t. But I could if I wanted.

I’m not fooling anyone am I?

This from my husband:

You know you’re a Detroit Red Wings fan when you buy an octopus & it’s not for calamari (you throw it onto the ice at a game)

Editorial comment from Phil…gross…and…why?

Love, Phil


A guy on the street Saturday said that to me as I was passing. I assumed it was about drugs, but now I’m not so sure. What is “RE?”

Reminded of this by the Hillary Pitting thread.

You know you’re a Balder’s Gate fan when you hear the phrase “You’re not my boo” and think “Does that mean ‘You’re not my giant miniature space hamster’”.

“Go for the eyes, Boo ! GO FOR THE EYES ! !