You know you've been spending too much time on the SDMBs when...

…you talk to another doper on the phone and when they say something factual you say “Cite?” :smack:

You know you’ve been spending too much time on the SDMBs when…
… you open a thread OPed by someone named “Idle Thoughts.”


Hubby’s spending too much time…

When he tells the 7 year old daughter that she “hijacked” a conversation when she made a kind of random comment in a family conversation.
Grooming the next generation.

…You post on it in your dreams.

When you start to see the SDMB in double :wink:

I think that use of ‘hijacked’ is more or less legit, actually.

You use the Board’s coding in AIM.

You respond to a thread like this when you should be sleeping.

Or am I sleeping and dreaming of the SDMB?

flamingbananas has me all confused now.


It’s kind of like the OP’s example

Sure, it’s legit on a message board, or between two people who read a lot of message boards- but to a 7 year old? In casual conversation? I thought it was hysterical. :smiley:

Plus, it’s OK if the dinner conversations with the little ones ramble a bit!
However, even if he wanted to stay on topic, he probably could find a non-message board speak way of doing that (as in “Wait a moment, Daddy wants to add one more thing to this conversation”).
Just (another) sign that SDMB is creeping it’s was into our everyday life-

Thought of another sign- starting too many conversations with “I was reading this great thread…”

You can’t find anything that hasn’t been asked in your recent memory.

Someone irritates you IRL, and your first response is to mentally compose a Pit thread.

You hover over links in your email waiting for the preview pop up.

Heh, Ya’ know when ever some one screws up and tries to use coding in the thread title, to me it’s the exact same as if it actually DID work.
Kind of like those dudes in “The Matrix” where they are looking at the computer screen that has a buch of seemingly random numbers floating about the screen, yet, to the guy (in the movie) he sees a woman crossing the street. (Or some shit like that.)

I also sometimes think of the SDMB as one entity as opposed to a community. I’m not quite sure I’m right in the head for thinking this way.