"You last visited" weirdness

I was on the boards, reading and posting, this morning, logging off about half an hour ago (say, 9:30 my time). At that point I closed the tab in Firefox and also closed Firefox. Just came back in, and it says “You last visited: Today at 12:21 AM.” I don’t think that was when I logged off last night, but since I know I caught the first 15 or 20 minutes of Letterman I won’t swear it’s impossible – but it definitely is ignoring a couple of hours of having a tab open here this morning.

ETA: Nevermind, I think I misunderstood the question.

I see an occasional error in “You last visited” error, not often, certainly less than once a month. The error I see is usually a “You last visited: [sometime early this morning]” error. The time is not close to anytime I was on the computer.

I just now, got “You last visited: Today at 05:00 AM”. I have been nowhere near SD since yesterday or perhaps the day before. This is of no consequence, just curious.

I’d assume that process is a very low priority one.

Also, it takes 20 minutes for it to log you out. so 12:20, despite being towards the end of Letterman, makes sense if you saw the first 25 minutes (the show starts at 11:35, giving the local news 5 extra minutes.)

So I’m guessing your second visit was not logged, perhaps due to being too busy.

No clue about you, Jane*, unless your timezone settings are wrong.

*Is that the right name? calling you janeslogin seems weird to me, though I’ll use it if you want.

It is if you’re like me and use the “New Posts” feature, as that option will only show you the threads that have been added to since the last time you logged on.

I see the same thing. I was on about an hour ago, even made a post or two. But when I log in right now, it says my last visit was last night at 10:18pm. Weird.

I didn’t realize people paid attention to this. One of the MBs I go to for The Sims 2 always says my last visit was 14 hours ago - even if I haven’t visited the site in three weeks.