You or yours affected by the Midwest flooding at all?

My roomate is from Houston, Minnesota and has been following all the news on the weather and flooding there religiously. Doing a quick search on here, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s made a thread yet asking about our fellow dopers’ stories or check ins. How are you all that are in those areas faring? Anyone in an area that got hit hard? Is everyone all right? : /

I saw one thread that was specific to Chicago but this one is just for all the areas involved…Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, etc.

Anyone have any stories? Anyone have family or friends that were in it? Everyone okay?

Erm, my hometown in S.E. Iowa on the Des Moines River had a water ban for a day, or an afternoon or something. I’m away at school, and no one bothered to call me about it or anything.

I don’t live that far from Houston. While Houston came close to tragedy (evacuated over fears the levee my overspill - it came close) the next town upriver (Rushford) wasn’t so lucky - scenes of snowplows removing mud from the streets.

I myself am downsteam and a few miles north of the Root. I had some water / mud come through my floor drain - some mud in the bathroom and in a section of carpeting. About 90% of my carpeting was wet (whn I check there was no standing water so I am unsure how deep it was)

The cleaning crew removed most of the padding under the carpeting and have had funs running underneat th dry the carpoeting out. I spent some of today removing the rest of the padding.

Insure guy was here yesterday - not covered. I did apply to FEMA, not hopefull but what the heck

The railroad near the small creek just south of town (doesn’t have a name AFAIK) got washed out:

There is some pix at the LaCrosse Tribune site:

Images of the Aug 18/19, 2007 flood, from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Rochester Post-Bulletin.


If any of you all are suffering because of the flooding over there (which I hear is quite dreadful- our technology is nigh-ineffable, but water’s still our age-old enemy), you guys are in my thoughts.

Weather’s a scary thing, sometimes.