You Overly-Partisan Dumbfucks

For fuck’s sake, get a new thing to piss and moan about. Every time I pop on here and look in the Pit, it might as ewll be the same fucking threads over and over. The same posters also.

Rebulicans are teh eeeeeevil…

Democrats are teh eeeeeevil…

The only fucking difference between the two parties is the name. They’re all a bunch of fucking crooks and anyone that doesn’t think so as sadly deluded.

Then we have the same partisan posters that ALWAYS have to jump into a thread about anything relating to politics just so they can show everyone that they’re a bunch of sycophantic dingleberries that can’t think for themselves and therefore have to believe EVERYTHING that their party spews out of the anal orifice that is their mouth.

Fuck this shit gets old. Even after five fucking years of pointing and laughing at you retarded fucks, it’s getting to the point where it begins to get uber-boring.

Notice that I name no names. If this thread fits you then wear it with idiotic pride. Sort of like a short bus helmet.

…make that SIX fucking years…I apparently can no longer count right in my old age…

I agree with your rant wholeheartedly but (hijack:) J.S. Mill’s middle name is Stuart not Stewart.

Thought you might want to know.

So, is this about Clinton getting a blowjob?

Well you get the idea.

A nutball is a nutball, no matter her party affiliation.

Thanks, I’ll go fix it right now. :smiley:

While they (mostly) all are a bunch of crooks, it’s not the same.
Perhaps I misunderstand your points, but I’m tired of conservative apologists claiming that the liberals have a leftist analogue for everything, to wit:
Air America is just as extreme as Fox News!
Michael Moore is just as bad as Ann Coulter!
Those who believe in science are just as dogmatic as the fundamentalists!, or Evolution is a religion, too!
Democrats took money from Jack Abramhoff, too!

Stop trying to shirk responsibility for the violent, corrupt, self-appointed leaders of (neo)conservative thought by claiming that the other side is just as bad as yours. Such an admission does not mean that the left is perfect in every way, nor does it ignore their corruption. But this bizarre “Well they’re doing it too!” attitude is not only usually untrue, but a pathetic non-excuse for the inexcusable behavior of any elected official.

(And to the person who says, “But why weren’t you complaining about Clinton?” I turned 21 in 2000, and I wasn’t terribly conscious of politics. If a Democrat gets voted into office in 08 and is as corrupt as Bush, I’ll be kvetching about them, too.)

A quote that aptly sums up my attitude towards both parties these days (with two or three exceptions on either side):

This thread was obviously intended for you and those like you.

Xploder, your paraphrasing of aurelian is over the line for what is allowed within attributed quote tags. This is not a warning, but don’t do it again or it will be.

My apologies to aurelian. My point was that in the context of my OP, there was bound to be someone that would come in here and spout nothing but a bunch of partisan crap.

Next time, if there is a next time, I’ll quote a couple of words instead of the blither, blabber nonsense.

Boy howdy, did you ever.

Oh yeah, thanks for fixing my shitty coding.


Hear, hear! I’m liberal, and it seems to me that the Republicans in power are corrupt as all fuck, but I’m not stupid enough to believe that the Democrats are all sainted angels. I’m sick of the hypocrisy I see many people engage in, whereby they’re outraged at the misbehavior of the other side, while giving their side a pass. Liberals are driving me crazy with this right now.

DeLay absolutely deserved to be drummed out of office, and Dem. Mark Cohen is a putz for using more taxpayer money for his personal library than the middle and high schools in his district spent on theirs.

I think most people go through these stages:
[li]Vote for whoever your parents and peers vote for, without giving too much thought.[/li][li]Start to get interested in politics, get amazed at how selfish many politicians seem, and conclude that the major parties are both a bunch of crooks.[/li][li]Start to realize that, while they may be selfish, politicians of each party do have values, and that the parties have very different values from each other.[/li]liDecide your set of values, beliefs, etc are are pretty good match to one of the parties, and become a vocal supporter of that party, or/liBecome an independent and judge each candidate according to individual values, promises and circumstances.
The OP is obviously on step 2. I’ve been there too.

In my own opinion, it leads to sucky leadership which will eventually snowball into a situation, dare I say, worse than we have now. Eek

I am unaffiliated with any party, and come every election season I do a crazy thing. I research the platform of each candidate. I was accused of betraying the Democratic party by my friends by voting for Nader, but by definition, a vote is me saying “I feel this person is the best for the job”.

I voted also for Kerry and I was fairly sure he was going to win. :frowning:

But I’ve also voted for Republicans and other strange fringe candidates because they spoke to me on certain issues that were important to me.

There are dickbags in both parties. And the worst thing we can do is simply vote AGAINST a party rather than FOR a candidate. How many people do you know who voted for Bush just because they hated Clinton? I know a lot, and it struck me as batshit insane. I mean…what? Revenge voting?

It’s when people (and there have been doozies on this board) are blindly affiliated and will admit no wrong in their party that it becomes like scary religious zealotry and shit starts hitting the fan and everything falls apart.

Both sides could use a little open mindedness. I’m far more liberal than my parents, but I also see and concede some of their more conservative points, and guess what? We’re still a happy family. Sometimes, the stars just align in life’s favor, you know?

Yeah, because ya know, in my forty five years of life, I’ve never been able to get past the fact that Washington is full of crooks. <— note sarcasm

I never went through stage one because my parents taught me to judge each candidate separately and then make a decision based on what facts I could find out.

From what I’ve been able to figure out, most politicians do have values and those values pretty much stop at whatever keeps them in office. The separate parties have different lines but when it comes to implementing those lines, they both suck giant panda wang.

Besides, my OP wasn’t about the politicians themselves so much as the posters here on the board that can’t see past the ass of their favorite politician because their nose is so far inside of it. If you can’t see that this board is filled with those types then I don’t know what to say.

scr4, not all your steps are mutually exclusive. I’ve reached step 4(b), but I still believe step 2.

Holy smokes. I can’t believe Dio isn’t here yet :wink:

Sadly enough, I have some friends that I spent a lot of years with in the Army that do just that…revenge voting I mean. One guy voted for Bush because he out and out hated Kerry, even though he couldn’t stand Bush either. Another voted for Kerry because he hated Bush but he couldn’t stand Kerry either…makes you wonder sometimes.

If that quote is true, then based just on the partisan posters here, America is doomed.