You ran a red light and hit my mother you SOB!

No thanks to you she is not badly hurt. You moron, didn’t you learn a red light means stop?

Mom’ s van was hit on the passenger side by a microcephalic, dickless wonder who ran a red light. Her vehicle went up over the curb, clipped three other cars, sheared off a road sign, and then hit the building at the corner intersection?

Were you drunk/high/talking on your fucking cell phone? Do you know what it’s like to get a call that your mother is in the friggin’ EMERGENCY ROOM? No, I guess you wouldn’t because bastards like you don’t have mothers!

I don’t know if this will end up in court but I almost hope it does. I’ll be there, oh yes I will. I want to look into your eyes and make you feel really nervous, you scumbucket!

For everyone else, Mom had not broken bones or internal injuries, and that’s a miracle. Praise be, she was wearing her seatbelt. She was afraid, she told me, she was going to smash her face. She doesn’t hurt now, but I know from my own experience, she will tomorrow. She’s a retired nurse, and my sister is a pharmacist, they can deal with proper painkillers.

I hope you rot you asshole!

At least she wasn’t stuck in an elevator. :smiley:

Seriously, though, I’m glad she’s okay. Did the cops find the guy?

Thank Heavens she’s OK.

That almost happened to me this AM.

I’m glad she’s okay Baker. This is just another reason why I think that when a light turns red, piano wire should come up across the lanes at the average head level in a car.

The head coming off will be a good warning, don’t you think?

Bummer. But, glad she’s okay-ish. Tell your Mom I said hey.

FilmGeek, the guy has been ticketed. What happens now I don’t know.

Bosda, I saw your thread. Good heavens, it almost sounds scarier to be missed. Have you stopped shaking?

photopat, I like the way you think! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure will NCB. She’s not going to lift a hand around the house if I can help it. I can bring her and dad some goodies from the cafe where I work too!

BTW I got your email. This will be fun!

Baker, I feel your pain.

KCSuze, if this were the Olympics, and rants were rated, I’d say mine got about an 8.5, while yours got a 9.7 or 9.8. Your profanity was much more creative than mine! I’m kind of embarrassed actually. I’ve used one or two profanities in the Pit before, but thsi is the first time I’ve strung so many together.

How’s your dad now? Did he stay ok?

Aww, thanks for the compliments, Baker. What can I say, I was miffed.

But don’t underrate yourself, you did great for your first real go at Pit swearing. And don’t be embarrased. If you feel the need, then let the naughty words fly!

Dad is fine now. He never suffered any ill effects from his accident, other than a grudge against St. Louis drivers.

Any update on your mom?

Baker, I’ve never heard you talk like that before, so I know that you must have been totally freaked out! I would be, too–if I’m not mistaken, I think your parents and my mom are about the same age . . . ?

I will be in Topeka this weekend. Please let me know what I can do to help (bring some ribs from Gates for your mom?).

God, first the elevator, now this!

I’m glad the BakerMom is okay. And I think this time, your family does have grounds for a lawsuit.

Baker glad to hear she is ok.

Thank goodness she’s relatively unhurt. Baker, please give your mother my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Oh, I don’t know – I think “microcephalic, dickless wonder” was rather well done indeed! When I was at college, I was told my mother was in an auto accident. It was also mild, but I remember how terrified I was. I’ll say a prayer for both of you, my friend, and maybe even one that the twit who hit you learns from this before he succeeds in killing someone. Your poor mother must have been terrified!


Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts! Mom is getting by this morning. She aches all over, but nothing was broken. They did X-rays at the hospital, to be sure. She has a problem with one of her hands that gets shaky, they wanted to be thorough, in case there would be pinched nerves or something like that.

auntie em, as I said to KCSuze, I’ve used a naughty word or two in the Pit before, but not like this. It may not be right, but ordinary language just wasn’t giving me the satisfaction. I wrote the OP right after returning from installing my mom at her sister’s house, and it was either vent her or punch a hole in the wall.

Please let me know if you’ll have time for a visit when you are in Topeka. I can fill you in on all the juicy details of how the elevator was, and how Fred Phelps is frothing at the mouth over our newest City Council representative! I’ll buy lunch/supper!

Damn, are mothers worth double points this week? Just this morning infamousmom was almost broadsided on her Vespa by some jackass bypassing street construction by zooming up our street. Thankfully she stopped in time – the driver didn’t even slow down, just honked and cruised on by at high speed.

Our street is only a block long and there’s some high-density housing on it with a lot of children. It’s also between two major roads, one of which is undergoing a lot of construction. With all the jackasses and loud-mufflered racers, it’s a tragedy waiting to happen. :mad:

Jesus. As having received news of my dad being in a few car accidents (never got hurt beyond bruises - he’s a cabbie, and an excellent driver), you have my sympathy.

Your Mom’s got a Vespa?
Is she selling it?

Baker, so sorry to hear about the accident! But glad that your mom’s not seriously hurt. Please give her my best wishes; and if ranting in the pit makes you feel better, I say “go for it!”.