You’re Making Yourself a Sandwich. Do You Cut It in Half? Why?

We’re talking a simple enough sandwich that’s not stacked so high that it has to be cut.

I would say more times than not, I cut it in half. Usually right down the middle but if in a wild and crazy mood, I might go diagonally.

As to why: I dunno. I think it’s one of those “it’s what I’ve always done” reasons or simply, “because.” And while it might contribute to the sandwich’s aesthete, that can only last but a couple of seconds before total consumption is underway.

So I don’t have to bite through the crust? Mouth feel, pretty much.

Yes, I cut it. Makes it easier to hold in my delicate little hands. And less likely that stuff will fall out the farther end.

Yes. I want to eat it from the middle out. I’m not assuming it’s a sandwich not piled high enough to need cutting anyway, such things are not technically sandwiches, they are just two pieces of bread with insufficient filling.

Never used to. Now always cuz fuck you crust, that’s why.

Only sub sandwiches.
Generally, 6-8 inches I can handle with one or both hands. Longer than that gets cut so as to avoid flopping around and stuff falling out.

Yes, because the bread I buy comes from a local bakery and the slices are large. A stuffed sandwich with that bread is not easy to handle.

That’s what she said!

That’s also what she–oh dear.

Me, I cut sandwiches for much the same reasons as others. Easier to eat.

I cut them, on a diagonal, but not a corner-to-corner diagonal as would make two triangles. I cut on an edge-to-edge diagonal so I have two trapezoids. It’s how I roll.

That’s fine. Anything is better than dividing a sandwich into two rectangles.

I don’t think so. I don’t eat a lot of sandwiches and thinking about it I can only think of cutting them in half for manageability reasons. So maybe, apart from thick ones, if being eaten while I’m reading or at the computer?

Cutting the sandwich leaves me fuller. There’s just something about having it in two pieces. It’s like treating yourself to two sandwiches. :wink: decadent huh?

yeah it’s a mental trick. But it works because it slows me down. I feel fuller when I eat slower. Take a minute or two break before eating the 2nd half.

I don’t bother cutting mine - especially when I’m packing lunch for work. It’s lots easier to put one piece in the baggie than to manage 2 with the innards coming out of the center.

When we go out to eat and I get a big burger, those I’ll cut in half because they’re easier to manage.

I don’t cut my sandwiches at all. It’s not a sandwich then. It’s just two half-sandwiches and I don’t like to do things halfway.

Yes. Easier to handle. Except for my brown-bag lunch sandwiches, which are in a sandwich bag and thus easier to handle in one piece.

As others have said, so I don’t have to bite through crust.

I cut it in half when I’m eating it at home, but not when I pack it for work, also because it is easier to wrap (Saran Wrap, not a baggie.) Not for taste or anything else - I like crusts.

Depends on the type of bread and filling.

Pastrami with cheese on rye - sure. And always on the diagonal.

A crispy French roll with thinly sliced pork, onions and hot peppers ( Sanguchón!) - nope.

You are a wild man! I want to party with you sometime!

Wrong and wrong… you cut a sandwich, but never a burger.

Can you cut a hotdog sandwich?