You shouldn't be starting posts on these topics if you can't spell them correctly!

The person starting the thread should be able to spell the topic correctly, n’est-ce pas?


Masturbation. Not masterbation.

Atheism. Not athiesm.

Israel. Not Isreal.

Prostate gland. Not prostrate gland.

Anyone else have their own favorites?

Doesn’t each Doper have there own personal faves?

(yes, I know…)

Whoa. You’re really giving free rein to your quirks here. You’d be a shoo-in for, um, something.

Fluoridation. I will not take anything you have to say on the subject seriously if you can’t even spell it.

Qadgop, I’d agree with you except that you violated Gaudere’s Law in your OP.

I always mix up the i-e order. Even with that stupid rhyme, I still don’t “get” it until I’ve written it down and made a visual assessment. So I have sympathy for [del]freinds[/del] friends who can’t get it right either.

In a similar vein: Lately I’ve noticed more and more subject lines as questions without question mark (e.g. “Is healthcare a right”) or even with a period (e.g. “Is healthcare a right.”). It’s starting to get on my nerves.

Is it in actuality a convention that not everyone is familiar with (like debate titles beginning with “Resolved:”)? I see it so much that I can’t rule it out.

Boy… got your terrible xmex-like snout in a twist don’t you?

And you shouldn’t be making commercials for your company if you can’t pronounce what you sell . . . like “joolurree.”

I can kinda tolerate the no ? at the end, but it really bugs me to see a question with a period at the end. Ugh.

Where? Have pity on me–it’s Monday morning.

I cannot stand people who mix up “loose” and “lose”. They’re not even pronounced the same! I pretty much can’t stand any misspellings in titles, or anywhere, but I am tolerant of obvious typos (like teh etc) that others here are rabid about. YMMV.


It’s leukoencephalopathy, not leukoencefalopathy!


Brakes. Your car has brakes. If you break them, then they are broke, but they are still brakes.

Wierd just looks weird.

One should be congratulated on not substituting a d.

It’s alcohol, not alchohol or alcholhol.

I had an employee book off sick for a “Tubulization”!

Don’t forget the infamous “nucular”:smiley:

Sorry, I can’t guarantee I wont make any of these mistakes. It’s likely the same reason I’ll never put dishes away in the same place. I’ve a PhD in chemistry and I still make the alchohol/alcohol mistake. Same with neccessary/necessary. Without spell-check, I go back and forth between spellings and just kind of eeny-meeny-miney-moe to pick the right one. If I have to go to the dictionary for every word I don’t spell right, I’ll never get anything written.

For some reason, a majority of people seem to think that sentences starting with “I wonder how” or “I think if” are questions.

I wonder why?

Do NOT talk about health care reform if you don’t know how to spell “dying”. DYING. NOT DIEING. Jesus Christ, have you never read a book before?

Should be: Anyone else have his or her own favorites? Or just “favorites.”

Although I thought the “law” applied to making mistakes regarding the very thing you’re griping about; this is a grammar error in a spelling rant.

— Ellen, proudly pedantic
(and alluringly alliterative) :wink: