You think YOU are having a bad day? Pity little Jimmy Earl...

OK, I don’t know if his name is really Jimmy Earl, but think about whatever guy used to date Erika Greene, 20, of Dacula, Georgia…the lottery winner.

You know, the guy who probably dumped Erika for Betty Jean, asst. manager at Tasty Freeze who gets to drive her dad’s '86 Chrysler LeBaron convertible and put out on her first date.

I’ll bet blowing off that loser, Erika, seemed like a good idea at the time. Do you think his friends will ever let him forget?

I thought she currently has a boyfriend.

A boyfriend who, as Leno said last night, will have NO problems with commitment.

This was actually the theme of one of those “Budweiser: True Story” commercials I saw a couple of weeks ago - couple says they have something to tell each other, guy goes first, says he’s not ready for commitment. Girl’s news is that she just won the lottery.

Yep. Jimmy Jeff (Jimmy Earl, whoever) should have hung on to Erika’s ass and forgotten about Betty; with THIS kind of beginner’s luck (first time she’d ever played the lottery), imagine what other “firsts” might go REALLY WELL for that girl!

But now she’s got a boyfriend who loves her for who she is… I bet he’ll be borrowing money from her for that ring any day now!