My Name Is Earl, 11/8

We have a pretty good idea where this show is set–Eastern seaboard. I’m guessing Maryland. My first clue was when Scott said his girlfriend always talked about going to Colonial Williamsburg. Aha! My choices were Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. Then Randy took a bus to Hagerstown, and Cumberland was mentioned. A crab restaurant in Maryland makes perfect sense. Although I swear I saw palm trees in one of the first episodes.

I missed the first few minutes because my mother called me. But dang, isn’t Earl sweet to his brother?

This episode was Bear-Awesome.

And that is not a term I use lightly.

This was the first epsiode I’ve ever seen. I was at a woman’s house and she loves the show and I must say I’m hooked!

I died when I heard “Churn his Butter” on prime time tv:)

They are doing a mini marathon on Fox this Saturday apparently. I will be catching up on the series.

What about when Earl gets the golfer back with his girlfriend and asks him if everything is back to normal. Golfer says yeah, unless she’s had sex with anybody since he’s been gone, and the girlfriend says:

“Well, i kinda got a guy off with my hand.”

Earl gives one of the funniest “holy crap” looks straight at the camera and says:

“Not going to be able to that Genie back in the bottle”

Or something to that effect. I know someone will remember it verbatim and it’ll be funnier.

I loved the Smokey and the Bandit fake Blooper reel gag at the end. Hilarious.
Eastbound and down…

I think the show is supposed to be set in “Anytown, USA” with no real clues as to where. They are in fictional Camden County (a Camden County exists in New Jersey, Georgia, and Missouri) where they eat crabs and have palm trees around.

Anyway, great show :). I loved how Randy was impressed that the golfer had a TV in his car!

I was so proud of Randy for going to get the dog all by himself. And then not being bitter about the fair.

I was rolling when Randy licked the candy off Earl’s finger!

“Is that blue sugar in a bag?”

That really was a “Bearific” episode.

I loved the soundtrack for this episode. I loved to homage to 70’s movies.

“The Bandit has a mustache”
Catalina: “Oh, my mother could be the Bandit”
That one caught me completely off guard.

“Yes, we’ll hire him back just for the jokes”

Location: I think they are definitely somewhere between Spingfield & Shelbyville.


I love the show, but also notice that it’s kind of morally instructive. Earl represents the person trying to be good, while Randy is generally more interested in having fun. You could use the show for lessons during Sunday school (except that Christians would probably object to the whole karma thing).

“I can’t unring that bell.” (I think.)

Give this man a Prize. That was it. Good Memory.

I like this show very much, but I think Earl needs to be more conflicted. His conversion to doing good is too complete. I’d like to see him more tempted by crner-cutting and maybe even a little temporary backsliding.

I think his single mindedness on doing good is part of what sets up the comedy. Think about last night, if he hadn’t been so gung ho about helping golferDude, the show would have been maybe 8 minutes long.

Was Scott the golfer played by they guy who played David on Roseanne?

I don’t think Earl is a total do-gooder. In the Karma’s Army episode, he said at the end he could have turned Ralphie in (for stealing lamps) but he didn’t think it was worth it.

Yes to the David Question.

And the girlfriend said something closer to “I used my hand a little on a guy.” which is even creepier to me for some reason than her saying she “I got a guy off with my hand.”

The music was great in this episode.

And oddly no Joy or Crabman this episode.

I wanted to see the worlds smallest giant!

"Last year they had the world’s tallest midget. "
“You know that may have been a scam”
“I don’t know he was almost as big as you”

Trivia: Jason Lee is a huge Burt Reynolds fan, and the characters he plays in Kevin Smith’ movies frequently refer to him as a result.

My Message to Randy: You could have taken Catalina to the fair while Earl was busy helping people. You can still have fun, and it gives you a chance to show her something that is new to her and which she expressed some interest in.

I liked the guy showing up to a meeting still wearing his hat and golfing glove, claiming he’d been at a doctor’s appointment. That’s akin to what a former boss of mine used to refer to as “calling in stupid”. :slight_smile: