My Name Is Earl, 3-16-06

Excellent episode. I teared up when Earl opened the cabinet in dad’s garage.

They had me going with Randy and Joy.

I wish I would have recorded it, because the maid (brain fart, forgot her name) said something when they were playing pool that I didn’t catch, and I think it was naughty.

Loved seeing Tim Olyphant, even if he was bald. :slight_smile:

They were talking about Mother’s Day
Catalina said her mother was dead.
Randy said “I’m sorry”
Catalina said “That’s ok, it was either me or her”
Another fun Episode. BTW: worse Bald Wig I ever saw.
The “at least I have my dignity” joke followed by the “can we cancel the Toe sucking?” was great.

The Joy/Randy part was funny.
Did you catch the fact the kid they mugged was Kenny? The gay friend from the print shop.


I caught the line about her mother. Maybe it was something Joy said, or the toe-sucker woman. Or maybe it wasn’t naughty at all, but I just assumed it was.

Totally didn’t catch that it was Kenny they mugged. :slight_smile:

The loser car racer actor is better known as Seth Bullock from Deadwood. I noticed that much.

That was a really geat episode.

“Do snakes have fur?”

“They do if they’re ferrets.”
I loved the stuff with Joy.

Took me about 25 minutes through the episodes before I figured out where I knew him from. Nice to see him play a funny character…he’s always so painfully serious on Deadwood.

Was “Bullock’s” buddy the guy from the Dodge “It’s got a hemi!/Sweet!” commercials?

Me, too. That was funny, building a fort in the living room. Totally something Randy would want to do.

I didn’t catch that it was Kenny that they mugged.
That was pretty funny that the girl who started the race grew up to be the Daytime Hooker. (I forget her name.)

Now that you say that, yes, I think it was. He seemed vaguely familiar.

Yes. But it just occurred to me that Earl needs to add Kenny’s mom to his list.

Maybe it was me, but just watching Jamie Pressly laughing to herself in the Crab Shack was hilarious.

“Who threw their drink at me!?” :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s also Joey’s needy friend on Joey (if it’s still on the air) :).

Why are the Google ads about* fart machines * and fart ringtones?

Yeah, she plays a good drunk.

I sat on the couch and laughed hysterically at that for five minutes. ElzaHub was starting to get a little worried. I don’t know WHY that was so funny, but I could NOT stop laughing at HER hysterical laughter.

I still swear Jamie Pressly needs an Emmy nomination.

I can’t believe I just typed those words.


Nah, that’s a good call. She’s great with the stuff they hand her. Watching her crack up to herself in the scene with Earl and Randy in the Crab Shack, she totally stole that scene, even though Earl was making the decision to go back and work on the car.

That bit with Randy about how she got home safe even though drunk cracked me up: “You were steering a paper plate in the pasenger seat. You steered it the right way a couple of times.”

Earl: “Mom even had us do the things that didn’t make sense any more - like take a bath without being asked.”

Randy: “Are you sure there’s no room in there for me? I bet if you slide all the way back, I could fit.”

I loved that bit where drunk-ass Joy sits down and says “Hey dummies what you prob’ly sayin’ stupid stuff doin’ stupid stuff heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh…” made me laugh so hard I nearly snarfed my Fresca. I then tried to explain the joke to the lovely Mrs. Cliffy who must thought I was nuts.


Another good episode. Beau Bridges can appear as the dad whenever he wants to. Favorite lines:

Randy: “Hey, this says ‘Ran over Crackers.’ Were they Saltines? I bet they made that crunchy sound.”

Seth: “I counted Jane twice, from when I did her with and without her back brace.”

Earl’s mom (waiting for breakfast in bed): “Those little snots aren’t coming back, are they?”
Earl’s dad: “Nope.”

I’d like to know how I absolutely KNEW he was going to say “Four” the first time.

How how how? Have I developed the least useful psychic power ever? Is it a reference to something else?

I literally said the word right before he said it.



It’s because you’re pregnant. I once laughed so hard while watching George Carlin on TV I actually thought I was going into premature labor. Hormones and all…you can blame ALL sorts of things on them while you’re gestating :wink:

Love the continuity of Earl’s eyes being closed in all the pictures his dad took of him, Randy and Mom. I think this is my favorite episode yet.