You torture a 4 year old child to death? You bet I'm going to pit you, bitch!

Here is the Google page with links to the story of Myls Dobson, a year old tortured to death by his father’s girlfriend, who was watching him while the father, who had custody, was in prison. I am not going to print any details, as they are shocking in their cruelty.

Die and fry in hell, bitch.

I don’t know about you, but I would probably break up with my girlfriend if she did something like that.

You forgot to put “RO” in the title.

Death and Hell are too good for her.


I admit, I’m not even sure why people read these articles,let alone recite them with such glee. I have a coworker who is always telling news articles like this. Yes, humans are horrible, we do horrible things. I can’t help the children in any way, so why tell me about it?

I am not really complaining about this thread, though it may sound like it…I am well aware I can just ignore it on the boards. But i have to admit, I am at a loss to comprehend why the op reads such things! The things you put in your head stay there forever.

I, for one, am firmly against toddler murder.

Not only is toddler murder wrong, but I am starting to have reservations about the torture.

Typical liberal response.

If the toddler had had a gun, we wouldn’t be talking about this now.

Or a screwdriver.

Me too, but i would like to thank the OP for her brave stance in being the first to condemn the torture and murder of a child. She truly is a model for us all.

You need to list that on your “HumanMingle” profile.

Seriously, we don’t have to “Pit” every repulsive human being out there. Although we do seem to attract some “Join Date: Last Week” youngsters who think that’s what the internet is for.

Next time, try what some of us here do:
See horrible headline. Avoid clicking on horrible headline. Go play with live toddler.
See if that helps.

I was thinking about torturing a 4-year-old child to death, but now that I see the consequences Annie-Xmas has in store for me if I do, I’m beginning to reconsider.

Nation Refuses to Read Headline Beyond Words '4-Year-Old Girl Forced To’

or a ceramic squirrel

I had never seen that article before, but I love it. Thank you, Onion writers.

Or a pit bull.

Ok, I’ll do it. The girlfriend’s name is Kryzie King.

That’s right. She was Kryzie.

I was going to do some of my Devil’s Advocacy work in here, muse about what kind of abuses she’d suffered in her own life that would make this sort of treatment of a little kid “ok” in her mind. Frankly the whole family seems pretty F’d up so I’m not sure ending up dead is this poor boy’s worst possible future.

But no…Woman’s name was Kryzie. I’m just gonna go with that.

The whole thing is probably just over zealous policing. It may well be a misunderstanding with her originally being from a state where it’s not illegal to torture and murder a 4 year old.

Me as well. I’ve now decided to bore an eight year old to tears instead.