You type, it talks. Know a program like that?

My GF is looking for a program that she can use with a 7yr old child she works with. Basically, something so that when they press a letter on the keyboard, they hear the letter they pressed. Maybe something a blind kid could use to learn the layout of the keyboard (by hearing the letter’s s/he presses aloud).

It could be anything really. A game, a plug-in for MS word or whatever. Free is best, natch.

Any ideas? You might just be better at doing a search for this kind of thing than me.

There’s a Speak & Spell Emulator which will say letters as you press them on the keyboard. It won’t do numbers or symbols though.

You want it to say each letter as it’s pressed?

I’m sure there are some programs like that for children.

What type of searches have you done?

Within a minute I had a link to this:

It looks like excellent software for teaching the alphabet on the computer.

Take a look here.

Lots of shareware games for kids. “Larry’s Learning Letters and Numbers” is probably what you want - if you can get the blasted thing. I couldn’t get the download page to open.

Texas Instruments used to have a “speech synthesizer” that could be attached to its TI-99 home computer (yes, I had one). It had a vocabulary of about 150 words, I think.

Commodore 64 had a SAM (Software Automated Mouth – or something along those lines) that would do a half-decent job of speaking whatever was typed. Its vowels left a little to be desired, but I could get it to cuss like a sailor!

Seems like I hunted for some freeware that would do similar things for a PC, but it’s been a long time and I don’t recall if I ever found one.

Have you looked at Jumbo od CNet or one of the freeware sites?