You un-hallowed The Spot!

We have a pull-off on a country road we call The Spot. Completely quiet and desolate. My friends and I watched the meteor storms there last year. It’s a great place! That is, until one of my friends brought his girlfriend there and got a little frisky.

Now, I know all of you saying that such things happen and to not take it too seriously. But you do not know of the magic of the spot. It lies on the convergence of two ley lines and is near Indian Burial Grounds ™. The Ghost of Christmas Past visits sometimes. It is the goegraphical center of the universe. And now the good spirits have been chased away and replaced with Shar-Chi.

So now I have to go out with firecrackers and incense to scare the evil away. And red envelopes! We must atone and re-bless it. I thought when we agreed that we wouldn’t do romantic stuff at the spot, everyone would honor it so as to appease The Cosmos. But apparently, Baal broke through the Dome Of Purity and tainted it. Grr.

Anyone know a good voodoo priest?

Well, the cherry had to go sometime…

For me, this is the euphemism of the year so far.

It hasn’t been defiled. It’s been consecrated. Go and sin some more.

I agree with Rysdad. Memories of really amazing sex are an easy ‘n’ fun way to hallow any given location.

It’s only fun if you have someone to shag nasty with though. And I am still working on that part. So for now, it is unhallowed!