You wake up as Donald Trump on January 21, 2017

It’s the morning after Inauguration Day 2017, and you wake up in an unfamiliar room…Too much drinking the day prior? No, can’t be that…

Err, what? It’s the White House presidential bedroom…you look in the mirror - you’re Trump!

The good news is that you’re now president of the United States. The bad news is, you can’t behave too obviously differently than the real Trump, too quickly, otherwise people will catch on that something’s amiss. And your 70 million+ supporters will turn on you in frothing fury.

What policies would you enact, and how would you behave, as an alternate-Trump in your 4 or 8 year presidency?

Why not? Body snatching isn’t something that the world believes in, so I say I would begin enacting my own agenda right away.

I’d do good stuff, but just lie about it. They’ll believe it and pretty soon their lives will begin to improve and then they’ll all turn into democrats.

I’d also not look in the mirror anymore. I might even ban all mirrors.

The big catch here is that, since I obviously don’t know how this time-traveling body-swap worked, I don’t know how long it’s going to last. If, today, I can get body-swapped into Trump, then maybe tomorrow I can get body-swapped out of him. Without knowing how much time I’d have, I think my best bet would be to do as much as I can to discredit Trump in the eyes of his followers.

Not exactly sure how I’d go about that… Best I can come up with is to order the arrest of his most vocal supporters. Maybe issue an executive order outlawing the Baptist religion? None of it would stand up, of course, but the goal is just to convince even the base that Trump is batshit crazy.

Oh, and I’d also have an open Supreme Court seat available. I’d either issue a declaration that since he got zero votes against him in the Senate, Garland has already occupied that seat for the past however many months, or I’d nominate Obama for that seat. The former would spark a Constitutional crisis that just might actually result in us getting a real process for choosing judges and just might actually work, but the latter would probably inspire more hatred from the base. Decisions, decisions.

Ooh, interesting hypothetical. I think I’d find some of the overly-optimistic articles written back then that said “he can’t really be as crazy as he sounds, when he says eg ‘build a wall’ what he really means is ‘do X, Y and Z sensible policies’,” and use them for inspiration.

I’d also have to pretend to have some kind of chronic illness in order to avoid all public appearances, since I’m crap at acting and I really, really could not convincingly pretend to be Trump. Or maybe hire a double to do them?

“We’re not expanding that odious, wishy-washy Obamacare that all the namby-pamby liberal elites are in favor of. I’m going to ask Mitch McConnell for a full-blown universal health care policy to jam right down Democrats’ throats!”

You’re saying I’m supposed to convincingly impersonate Donald Trump. And you’re saying I have to be concerned about what other people think.

Well, which is it?

The hypothetical is that you woke up in Donald Trump’s body, not Mitch McConnell’s. Fairly certain Mitch McConnell would block any such attempt.

Let’s say it lasts for as long as you can remain president. If you serve out a 4 year term, you’re him for 4 years. If you get reelected, up to 8 years.

Yeah, if I didn’t know how long it would last, my immediate goal wold be to find some way to force Pence to resign, and then immediately resign after that. Pelosi is now President.

Trump did care a lot about what people thought. He frequently complained all the time about what Fox or other media outlets were saying about him.

I’d be much more worried about not being able to fool Ivanka than my policies not matching people’s expectations of Trump.

And if 70 million Trump voters get mad at me? That’s great! Fewer of them will come out to vote for Republicans in 2018, or my replacement on the 2020 ticket.

I’ll push taxing the rich, actually spending money on infrastructure and health care, and I’ll insist anything I don’t want to talk about is a state’s rights question. I’ll also show off all my taxes and financial misdeeds and insist I’m immune to prosecution and can pardon myself.

Melania: “Donald, you are not yourself. It has been days since you have tried to dry hump my leg while I coldly swipe away your clammy, grubby little hands. Does this mean you’ll finally agree to my terms of divorce?”

Sure, but you could also get impeached or 25th-Amendment’d. Or, knowing what your base is likely, quite possibly even taken out by a zealot.

I said concerned not cared. I feel there’s a difference.

Being concerned about what people think means you think beforehand about the consequences of your actions and modify your behavior accordingly. Trump never appeared to do that.

He just did whatever he wanted to do and then whined about the consequences afterwards.

Why would the base do murder? Trump was all about infrastructure, closing tax loopholes and offering perfect health care all through his campaign? And the GOP gave up having a platform in 2018 because it was impossible to pin him down.
I’ll keep talking about the wall, but insist I need downpayments from Mexico first, or there will be less money for roads, I’ll rail about how the DoJ is saying I can’t do a muslim ban and demand a recall election for the AG.

If there’s one thing we saw in the last five years, it’s that nothing will make Trump’s followers turn on him.

That’s only because he never strayed far from what they wanted.

If Trump suddenly endorsed abortion, LGBT, single-payer healthcare, Black Lives Matter and Antifa…

I think that what Trump’s base actually wants is a lack of freedom. If their leader mandated no abortions for anyone ever, they’d be good with that. And if their leader mandated abortions for everyone, they’d be good with that, too. The important part is that it be mandated, and that Other People don’t like the mandates.

They’d be fine with no abortions only until their mistress needs one.