You want to snort some (whispers) chocolate

Apparently the newest craze is Snorting Chocolate

So, why not snort some chocolate today?

I’ve never snorted chocolate, but I have, on dares, inhaled cinnamon, Taco Bell Green sauce, and rock salt. Not together.

Senator Schumer has decided to devote government attention to this for some reason:

100 [del]bucks[/del] grams says this is the next bath salts, jenkem, etc. that people aren’t really doing but others decided we need to freak out over.

Charlie and the Chocolate Olfactory.

Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure inhalation.

One of Penn Jillette’s podcast covered this last year. He tried it which was unusual in the fact that he’s never done alcohol or recreational drugs. I guess the lure of chocolate exceeded his boundaries.

I’m afraid to mention this to Pepper Mill – she’d do it. Especially if you don’t gain calories from it.
I can see it now –

—Chocolate Snorters are derisively called “brown-nosers” by more serious druggies
– Addicts standing on street corners selling brown paper bags filled with powdered carob cut with Fun Dip to support their own habits

–Connoiseurs who won’t touch Nestles or Hershey’s snorting their private stock of Godiva and Ghirardelli

I don’t get it. I eat chocolate because I like the taste of chocolate. Why would I be inclined to snort it?

Maybe if someone in denial just likes the way chocolate smells?

[Old Joke] I don’t use cocaine, I just like the way it smells [/Old Joke]

you’re coocoo for coco puffs?

Here’s another option (especially good if they use those kinds of 'shrooms).