You'd think after busting my butt all week I'd get at least a "Thanks".

A bit too tame for the Pit, I think, but I need to vent a bit.

I am just beefed that I spend all week long at work, busting my butt on something that really isn’t my job, but which really needed to be done. I spent extra time and factually neglected some other things I should have been working on. But I got the job done and do I get even a “Thanks” or “Well Done”?? Nooooo…it’s “Oh, that’s done? Good.”. Argh!!!

Damn, if it doesn’t piss me off! Ya know folks, a little acknowledgment goes a long ways! Next time ask someone else to bust their butt when you want something extra done. I’ll be busy! Dammit, fact is I am busy! And now I’m behind. :mad:


And you can’t even get any commiseration here. That does suck. :slight_smile:

If you combine beefed and peeved, you get beeved. Just sayin’.

Welcome to the war.

Wait a minute. You spent all week at work not doing your job but doing some other job?

And your user name is Doctor

I think its worse than you think. There’s gonna be some really pissed off patients in your waiting room.:smiley:

If there are people who habitually ask you to do stuff, and they also never thank you, then you should be too busy to do anything for them, yes.

I was a manager of a retail store for a while, and a little “Thanks for X” does do wonders for morale. Just a little appreciation can make someone’s day.

Ugh, tell me about it. I was in Florida last week, and my dad and I were at a buffet-style restaurant. I noticed the guy next to us got up from his table and was leaving without his sunglasses, so I got up, grabbed them, literally chased him down as he headed for the door, tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me sir, you forgot these.”

You know what he said? Not “Thank you”. Not “Oh that’s so nice of you.” He said, “Oh man, I’m glad you did that… I forgot to leave a tip, too!”. I just stood there and watched him go back and drop a few bucks on the table and walk out. Asshole.

On Monday I told a man he left his soda in the cart. He was just leaving the cart in one of the closest non handicapped parking spots that everybody would like to park at. Never mind a cart corral was 10 feet away. His reply was It’s empty. I switched with the empty in my truck. My reply was Oh how nice you left your trash in the cart for an employee. I wanted to beat him over the head with the carton or maybe the cart.

Am I the only one that doesn’t understand that sentence?

Hey at least he went back and left a tip. I’m betting if he was that spacy when he got home he probably thought :smack: I should have thanked that guy for returning my glasses.

I’ve definitely had days when I was that out of it. Was nice of you though. Bet if the waitress knew she’d appreciate it too.

Maybe it was a box of soda? Like one of those fridge boxes? He just swapped them instead of recycling the old box like a decent person.

Uh… let’s just not go there…

It is sometimes shocking how much people forget a simple thank you. Sure, I did the job because it had to be done. It was important and I understood that and it was why I was willing to bust my butt on it. But, yeah, that little “Thanks for busting your butt” would make me a whole lot more willing to do such again.

Well, I guess if you expect no thanks and don’t get any at least you won’t be surprised. And if you do get thanks, you can be pleasantly surprised. :smiley:

A time that I forgot to thank someone really stands out in my memory. I was enrolling at college, and the lobby in which the activity was taking place was full of milling people and perplexing signs. I was trying to find my bewildered way through the process, and wordlessly passed through a door which was being held open by a man. He snarled at me “You’re welcome!” and shocked me out of my bureaucratic catatonia, but disappeared before I could apologize. I was mortified that I had forgotten my manners.

Looking back on it, I was a cute 19-year old and he probably was hoping to start a conversation and was pissed that I didn’t even see him. I was still a bozo, though.

If he really was just doing it to start conversation, then you didn’t really owe him anything. He was doing it for his own benefit, not yours. However, if he was doing it for the sake of politeness, then yes, you shoulda thanked him.

Or perhaps he was doing it because your Luck compelled him to do so, like Nessus getting one of his heads cut off so you could learn to cope in an emergency.

He had an empty case in the truck. He put the new full case in the truck and transfered the empty case to the cart.

Sorry, but you can see my title. :smiley:

Well, Thank you, I am sure someone appreciates the all the work you did. Whether or not they know you did it.

( Not sure if it helps, but hey, it’s worth a shot! )

Actually, it’s probably the first thing that made me smile today. :slight_smile: