You'd think criminals would *not* want to draw attention to themselves

Here’s the story.

The summary: Criminal Mikal Mahdi is released from prison in VA after serving time for stabbing (but not killing) a police officer.

Apparently wanting to move up to the big time, he seems to have gone on a crime spree including one possible murder in NC, one in SC, and one (or two, depending on how you count it) carjackings.

OK. . .

So, while the “be on the lookout” reports are going on, this idiot calls in a fake carjacking, attributing it to “someone who looked like Mikal Mahdi.” When it’s determined that that carjacking was a hoax, the woman reporting it gets investigated. At the end of the link, there’s a link to her story. Who knows? Maybe she was starting to feel guilty and was looking to get caught.

A lot can be explained by realizing that most criminals just aren’t that bright.

In fact all the ones I’ve known have been flat out stupid.