You'd think I'd learn

You’d think I’d learn by now not to get excited about things that might not happen. But no, I still do it. Dumbass.

See, a position opened up at work – better pay, better benefits, etc – and everyone, including the people who were to be deciding who got it, said I was the perfect candidate. So I applied. I’ve spent the past week planning how I’m going to fix the department, how I’m (finally!) going to be able to start fixing my house up, how I’m going to be able to breathe easy every month, knowing that bills won’t leave me broke again, all of it.

Today I got the rejection notice.

I’d pit myself, but it’s not worth it. I shoulda known better. :frowning:

I just got rejected from a really sweet job offer. I wanted it too, it would have made a huge difference in our finances. Here’s a hug, as I can completely sympathize…I try not to daydream but it’s hard when you think of even the small things you could do with the new paycheck.